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Statistic data are given for Soviet Union and based on 1948-1950 register books
and only statistics inside "motorcycles" is based on 1946-1995 register data on units still existing.
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Pre-1945 registration plates (pre-1982 for USSR)
Future events
Trucks, pickups, buses and special trucks (in descending order for 1945), 65.1% of vehicles

GAZ, SU            (53.5% of trucks)                       Post-war models:
ZIS, SU (27.6% of trucks) (AMO are in Others) GAZ ZIS ZIL MAZ YaAZ
Studebaker, US ( 5.6% of trucks) UAZ UralZIS Moskvich LAZ
Ford, US,DE,CAN,GB ( 4.7% of trucks) KAZ PAZ LiAZ
Chevrolet, US, CAN ( 2.4% of trucks) TA L KAVZ GZA RAF
Opel, DEU ( 1.3% of trucks) Tatra Skoda Ikarus
International, US ( 1.3% of trucks) AustroFIAT Bleichert
Others: ( 3.6% of trucks) Trolleybuses (1930-1966)
Dodge, US, CAN Tractors
YaG, SU Old registration plates
Steyr-Puch, AUT
Renault, FRA
White, US
The rest

Cars (in descending order for 1945), 16.7% of vehicles

GAZ, SU            (30.8% of cars)                         Post-war models:
Opel, DEU (23.9% of cars) GAZ
Mercedes-Benz, DEU ( 9.8% of cars) Moskvich
ZIS, SU ( 6.5% of cars) ZIS/ZIL
Ford, US, DEU, GBR ( 3.3% of cars) ZAZ "Zaporozhets"
Willys, US ( 3.3% of cars) S-1-L, S-3-L, S-3-A
Adler, DEU ( 2.9% of cars) BMW (EMW)
Wanderer, DEU ( 2.7% of cars) Skoda
BMW, DEU ( 2.4% of cars) Tatra
DKW, DEU ( 2.3% of cars)
FIAT, ITA ( 1.4% of cars)
Tatra, CS ( 1.2% of cars)
Hanomag, DEU ( 1.2% of cars)
Steyr, AUT ( 1.2% of cars)
Others: ( 7.1% of cars)
Horch, DEU
Skoda, CS
Dodge, US
Chevrolet, US, PL
Hansa, DEU
Buick, US, DEU
Audi, DEU
Renault, FRA
Maybach, DEU
Praga, CS
Plymouth, US
Citroën, FRA
Peugeot, FRA
Packard, US
Studebaker, US
The rest cars
Motorcycles, only 125cc and more (in descending order for 1945), 18.2% of vehicles

BMW, DEU                    (22.3% of motorcycles)         Post-war models:
DKW, DEU (14.7% of motorcycles) IMZ
Zündapp, DEU (12.6% of motorcycles) M "Moskva"
Harley-Davidson, US (11.4% of motorcycles) IZh
NSU, DEU (10.2% of motorcycles) K-1-B "Kievljanin", "Dnepr"
TIZ, SU ( 4.8% of motorcycles) INZ (K-125, K-55, K-58, K-175 Kovrovec, Voshod)
IMZ, SU ( 3.4% of motorcycles) Vjatka
IZh, SU ( 2.9% of motorcycles) "Tula" from Alexandr Kirzhnerenko
Indian, US ( 2.7% of motorcycles) Jawa
L, SU ( 1.7% of motorcycles) CZ
Triumph, GBR, DEU ( 1.5% of motorcycles) MZ
Victoria, DEU ( 1.5% of motorcycles) Pannonia
Puch, AUT ( 1.2% of motorcycles) AWO-425 Simson
Others ( 9.1% of motorcycles):
Ardie, DEU
Standard, DEU
Jawa, CS
Tornax, DEU
Velocette, GB
Terrot, FRA
Ariel, GB
Sokol, PL
Horex-Columbus, DEU
Hercules, DEU
Gilera, ITA (under construction, 86k b/w image only)
Ogar, CS
D-Rad, DEU
Wanderer, DEU
The rest motorcycles

1970 Lunohod - veteran car of lunar traffic, USSR. 84k photo by Ugo Zannoni (Frascati, Lazio, Italy), taken in 10 III 1998 on my request.
My special gratitude to Lev Shugurov, famous Soviet automotive historian, who found time to help me.
You are welcome to add, ask or correct me, my E-mail is here: Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
These pages are prepared with the contribution of automotive journalist Denis Orlov (Moscow), Igor Guzienko (Kiev) and Jan Szatan, Poland (Klasyczne Pojazdy Terenowe Panstw Socjalistycznych).
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