Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Chevrolet. (only pre-1945)
1911-1942, 1945-on, Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
1915-1942, 1945-on, General Motors Canada (Maple Leaf), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
1924-1951-?, General Motors Continental A/S, Copenhagen, Danmark.
1924-1940, General Motors Continental S.A., Antwerpen, Belgium.
1926-1942, 1946-on, General Motors South African (Pty) Ltd, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
1928-1957, General Motors Nordiska A.B., Stockholm, Sweden.
1936-1941, General Motors Suisse S.A., Biel (Bienne), Switzerland.
1937 - IX 1939 - "Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein" S.A., Warsaw, Poland.
XII 1938 - IX(?) 1939 - General Motors Ltd., Southampton, England.
1927 - 1931 - assembly plant in Berlin, Germany.
1924-1928, General Motors, Australia.

Car production was finished in 30 I 1942 for military purposes. In 1946 the production was re-started, but this is topic for another sites...
1942 Chevrolet (BH Fleetmaster, BG Stylemaster, BH Fleetline)
1941-42 Chevrolet Suburban, 15k image
1941 Chevrolet (AH Special DeLuxe, AG Master DeLuxe)
1940 Chevrolet (KA Special DeLuxe, KH Master DeLuxe, KB Master 85)
1939 Chevrolet (JA Master DeLuxe, JB Master 85)
1938 Chevrolet (HA Master DeLuxe, HB Master)
1937 Chevrolet (GA Master DeLuxe, GB Master)
1936 Chevrolet (FD/FA Master DeLuxe, FC Standard)
1935 Chevrolet (ED/EA Master DeLuxe, EC Standard)
1934 Chevrolet (DA Master, DC Standard)
1933 Chevrolet (CA Eagle, CC Mercury)
1932 Chevrolet BA Confederate
1931 Chevrolet AE Independence
1930 Chevrolet AD Universal
1929 Chevrolet AC International
1928 Chevrolet Four, 20k image of 4-door Sedan from Deals On Wheels,
1927 Chevrolet Four, 51k photo of Coach, courtesy of Bill Fischer (Inverness, Florida, USA),
1927 Chevrolet Four, 17k image of Sport Coupe from Kruse International,
1926 Chevrolet, 42k image of 2-door Sedan by Fisher from Net-A-Car,
1920 Chevrolet, 8k image of Coupe from Kruse International,
1916 Chevrolet 490, 74k image of Touring from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
1914 Chevrolet H-2, 78k image from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
Chevrolet passenger car production:

Years 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Cars 551191 548215 918278 815375 465158 577278 764616 1008976 254885 No civilian production

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