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1923-now, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG., Munich and Eisenach, Germany

ATTENTION, STOLEN! BMW R47 was stolen on 22 of February 2003 in Holland. If you know anything about this incident or if you have seen this motorbike, please send me a message. motorbiker47@hotmail.com. The motorbike was stolen with a car trailer from hotel car park.

BMW-R12, 1935-1941, twin 745cc, 36002 built
BMW-R75, 1941-1945, twin 745cc with 3x2 wheel formula, almost 17000 built
BMW-R35, 1937-1940, 1946-1951 (EMW), single 342cc, 15386 pre-war built (+ over 34000 post-war)
BMW-R4, 1932-1937, single 398cc, 15295 built, 51k photo from "Signal" magazine, Ukraine
BMW-R2, 1931-1936, single 198cc, 15207 built
BMW-R23, 1938-1940, single 247cc, 9021 built
BMW-R11, 1929-1935, twin 745cc, 7500 built
BMW-R20, 1936-1938, single 192cc, 5000 built
BMW-R51, 1938-1940, twin 494cc, 3775 built
BMW-R71, 1938-1941, twin 745cc, 3458 built
BMW-R61, 1938-1941, twin 597cc, 3747 built
BMW-R5, 1936-1937, twin 494cc, 2652 built. Thanks for help to Gunter Harms
BMW-R6, 1937, twin 596cc, 1850 built, 21k photo from Investment Bikes
BMW-R66, 1938-1941, twin 597cc, 1669 built
BMW-R16, 1929-1934, twin 730cc, 1106 built
BMW-R3, 1936, single 305cc, 740 built. Thanks for help to Gunter Harms
BMW-R17, 1935-1937, twin 735cc, 434 built, 17k photo
BMW-R57, 1928-1930, twin 494cc, 1006 built, 21k photo of 1928 from Hemmings Motor News
BMW-R7, 1935, Sport, twin ?cc, ? built, 23k photo
BMW 500cc Tourist Trophy, 1939, Sport, twin ?cc, ? built, 40k b/w photo from the book "Motocykly" by A.E.Vorontsov, 1997, Moscow, Viktoria AST.
Pre-1930 motorcycles:
BMW-R42, 1926-1928, twin 494cc, 6502 built, 98k photo of 1926
BMW-R52, 1928-1929, twin 494cc, 4377 built, 21k photo of 1928 from Trader Online
BMW-R32, 1923-1926, twin 494cc, 3090 built, 52k photo of 1923 from Sinsheim Museum, Germany.
BMW-R47, 1927-1928, twin 494cc, 1720 built, 80k photo of 1927 from "Svet Motoru", CSSR.
BMW-R39, 1925-1926, single 247cc, 855 built.
BMW-R63, 1928-1929, twin 735cc, 794 built, 46k and 28k photos of 1929 from "Oldtimer Markt" magazine, Germany, and Investment Bikes, the Netherlands.
BMW-R62, 1928-1929, twin 745cc, 794 built, 61k photo of 1928 from Sinsheim Museum, Germany.
BMW-R37, 1925-1926, twin 494cc, 152 built.
What else in internet:
BMW-Motorrad (in German/English) - official BMW site with good historical archive.
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Ltd. (in English) - delightful site with much interesting.
Josep Sanz Guillen pages (in English) - BMW bikes and others.
Vintage BMW Motorcycles (in English) - Craig Vechorik's nice page, where are also pages devoted to post-war models (which are missing here), such as BMW R26, BMW R51/3, BMW R50.
Auto-Wellink information of BMW-R35 (in Dutch).
Timeline BMW History (in Dutch/English) - on the homepage of Wouter P. Barendsen.
Some information has been kindly supplied by Josep Sanz Guillen, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. See also his BMW-R35 site.
Thanks for help to Denis Orlov, Moscow, and Igor Guzienko, Kiev.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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