Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Hercules.
Nuernberg, Germany

Hercules-Saxonette, 60cc, 1938-1940
Hercules-MF100, MR100, 98cc, 1932-1939
Hercules-T100, 98cc, 1934-1938
Hercules-M3, with Villiers motor, 98cc, 1937, only 32k image from MC-Veteranerna Klubben, Kristianstad, Sverige.
Hercules-MF2 (Liliput), 98cc, 1938-1943
Hercules-V120, 118cc, 1936-1939
Hercules-V120 Export, 121cc, 1937-1939
Hercules-S125, 123cc, 1939-1943, 82k b/w image only
Hercules-B50, 192cc, 1932-1935, 98k b/w image only
Hercules-V30, 192cc, 1935-1938
Hercules-S200, 199cc, 1935, 98k b/wimage only
Hercules-S204, 199cc, 1936-1938
Hercules-S35/4, 346cc, 1935-1937
Hercules-K500, 499cc, 1932-1936, 94k b/w image only
Hercules-T50/3, 499cc, 1936
Hercules-T50/4, 499cc, 1936-1937
What else in the net:
Hercules-Interessengemeinschaft (in German/English), Germany.
For this page some images from Tilman Werner's book "Von Ardie bis Zuendapp" (Stuttgart, 1993) are used.

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