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1941-on, Irbitskiy Motocykletnyi Zavod, Irbit, Sverdlovsk region, USSR.

Mass production:
M-72, 1941-1955-1960, 746cc, 22hp
M-52, 1957-1961, 494cc, 24hp
M-61, 1957-1963, 649cc, 28hp, 60836 built
M-62, 1961-1963, ?cc, ?hp
M-63 (Ural-2), 1963-1980, 649cc, 28hp
M-1000, 1967, 1040cc, 50hp, 12 built
Sport models (limited production):
M-75, (1943) 1946-1951, 746cc, 35hp, 71k photo, 1 of 2 survived example, found and restored by Aleksej Popov (Riga)
M-75, 85k b/w photo (1949) courtesy of Tarmo Riisenberg (Estonia).
M-76, late 1940's, 746cc, 38hp
M-75M, 1951-1954, 35k photo and 34k photo (1951) courtesy of Jaroslav Konkin (Sankt-Peterburg).
M-72K (cross), 1954-1960, 746cc, 27hp.
M-52K (cross), 195?-19??, 494cc, 26hp.
M-77, 1954-1955
M-35, 74k b/w photo (1949) courtesy of Tarmo Riisenberg (Estonia).
M-52S, 1958-1961, 494cc, 35hp, 52k and 49k photo courtesy of Jaroslav Konkin (Sankt-Peterburg).
M-61K (cross), 196?-196?, 649cc, 28hp.
M-64, 1961
M-65, 1965
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