Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Studebaker (only pre-1945 here).
1933-1942, 1945-1964, Studebaker Automobile Co., South Bend, Indiana, USA.
1908-1933? Studebaker Corporation, South Bend, Indiana, USA.
1902-1908 Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company.

In 1946 the production was re-started, but this is topic for another sites...
1945 Studebaker Champion
1944? Studebaker, 12k photo of 5-window coupe
1942 Studebaker 4G Champion
1942 Studebaker 12A Commander, 11k photo of 4-door sedan
1942 Studebaker 8C President, 12k photo of 5-window coupe
1941 Studebaker 3G Champion, 47k- and 48k rearview of touring sedan
1941 Studebaker 11A Commander, 17k photo of Land Cruiser sedan
1941 Studebaker 7C President, 15k- and 7k rearview of Skyway sedan coupe
1940 Studebaker 2G Champion, 12k photo of club sedan
1940 Studebaker 10A Commander
1940 Studebaker 6C President
1939 Studebaker G Champion, 78k photo of business coupe
1939 Studebaker 9A Commander, 33k photo of 4-door sedan
1939 Studebaker 5C President, 18k photo of 6-passenger club sedan
1938 Studebaker Commander Six 7A and State Commander 8A, 22k photo of 4-door cruising sedan
1938 Studebaker 4C State President
1937 Studebaker 5A Dictator Six and 6A Dictator Six, 22k photo of 4-door sedan
1937 Studebaker 3C President Eight, 48k b/w photo of state sedan
1936 Studebaker Dictator Six (3A and 4A), 22k 5-passenger Custom coupe and 13k 4-door sedan
1936 Studebaker 2C President Eight, 77k photo of 4-door sedan
1935 Studebaker Dictator Six (1A and 2A), 21k- and 22k rearview of 4-door sedan
1935 Studebaker 1B Commander Eight, 47k rumbleseat convertible coupe and 26k 4-door sedan
1935 Studebaker 1C President Eight, 5k photo of 4-door sedan
1934 Studebaker A Dictator Six, 18k photo of 3-window coupe
1934 Studebaker B Commander Eight
1934 Studebaker C President Eight
1933 Studebaker 56 Six
1933 Studebaker 73 Commander Eight
1933 Studebaker 82 President Eight
1933 Studebaker 92 President Eight
1932 Studebaker 55 Six, 13k convertible sedan
1932 Studebaker 62 Dictator Eight
1932 Studebaker 71 Commander Eight, 71k and 60k photo of 4-door sedan
1932 Studebaker 91 President Eight
1931 Studebaker President Eight, 15k photo of Four Seasons Roadster
1930 Studebaker, 16k and 14k rearview of FD Commander Eight rumbleseat cabriolet
1930 Studebaker, 57k photo of Dictator 4-door sedan
1930 Studebaker, 19k photo of FH President Eight State 4-passenger victoria
1929 Studebaker President Eight, 37k and 55k rearview of 4-door sedan
1929 Studebaker Dictator Six, 22k photo of 5-window coupe
1929 Studebaker Dictator Six, 9k photo of 4-door sedan
1928 Studebaker Commander Six, 28k photo of 4-door sedan
1928 Studebaker President, 11k photo of 4-door sedan
1927 Studebaker Six, 31k photo of 4-door sedan
1927 Studebaker, 22k photo of 4-door sedan
1926 Studebaker, 62k and 69k photo of victoria coupe
1925 Studebaker Six, 24k photo of Los Angeles Police paddy wagon
1925 Studebaker ER Standard Six, 63k and 66k rearview of brougham
and the same car in restored condition:
1925 Studebaker ER Six, 22k brougham, photo by the owner - Stephen Bysouth, USA & Amsterdam, NL.
1925 Studebaker Six, 95k touring, photo by the owner - Juan Carlos Barron, Artigas, Uruguay.
1924 Studebaker Dominator, 33k photo of 4-door sedan
1924 Studebaker EL Special Six, 23k photo of 5-passenger touring
1924 Studebaker EK Six, 21k photo of touring
1923 Studebaker EM Six, 14k photo of touring
1923 Studebaker EM Six, 27k photo of pickup
1922 Studebaker Light Six, 46k b/w photo of Convertible
1922 Studebaker Six, 3k photo of touring
1918 Studebaker Light Six, 27k photo of touring
1915 Studebaker Six, 83k photo of touring
1915 Studebaker SAK, 32k photo of 4-cyl. roadster
1913 Studebaker 25SA, 45k and 46k rear, photos by the owner - Stephen Bysouth, USA/Amsterdam, NL.
1908 Studebaker Suburban, 79k old poster
1903 Studebaker electric automobile, 72k old poster
1903 Studebaker electric automobile, 58k old poster

Studebaker passenger car production:

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 (by EAC) 25618 12531 59864 43682 55960 98000? 46787 85834 107185 133900 50687 No car production (by 100) 41968 36242 41560 39573 67835 70054 41504 84660 102281 114331 ?????
Where "EAC" = the "Encyclopedia of American cars", Publications International, Ltd., 1993, USA.
(Model year production which is different from calender year as model year was Autumn of previous year usually).
Under "100" is calender year sales statistics from "The 100-year Almanac" by Automotive news. 1932 - Studebaker+Rockne.
Photos are from:
Trader Online.
Hemmings Motor News.
Kruse International.
Fraser Dante.
Ellingson Car Museum.
Cool Cars Only.
Classic Carlot.
The Autocollections.
Old Cars.

What else in the Internet:
Studebaker Driver's Club site (in English). That's interesting.
Studebaker Under Construction (in English) :-) it is already constructed! (I think so).
Thanks a lot to John Henne (Shelburne, NH, USA) and Gary Cameron (BO) (Topeka, Kansas, USA) for their friendly and powerful assistance. They are members of Studebaker Driver's Club. Most part of superb images here are from Gary's collection.
My special gratitude to the "Turning Wheels", Studebaker Driver's Club magazine, and to Linda and Fred K. Fox, editors of this excellent publication. A lot of materials here are courtesy of Fred.
If you have Russian code page in your PC, here is excellent article about Studebaker history, written and sent by Roman Kamenetskiy.
Thanks to Albert Kopans for powerful assistance.
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