Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. TA (TARK).
1949-1954 Tartu Autoremonditöökoda (Tartu Automobile Workshop), Tartu, Estonia, USSR.
1954-1967 Tartu Autoremonditehas no 3 (Tartu Automobile Service-factory no. 3).
1967-1997 Tartu Autode Remondi Katsetehas (Tartu Automobile Service Experimental Factory).

* 1949.09.01 – Tartu Autoremonditöökoda (Tartu Automobile Workshop) was established. * 1951 – TA-1, GAZ-51 based 28-pass. 23-seater bus (on 4000mm wheelbase). 25-seater intercity version is shown (with luggage division on the roof, 71k b/w photo from "Avtomobili Rossiji i SSSR" (Moscow, 1993) by Lev Shugurov). * 1952 – 12 units of TA-1 bus was constructed. * 1954 – 100 units of TA-1 bus. * 1954 – Tartu Autoremonditöökoda renamed to Tartu Autoremonditehas no 3 (Tartu Automobile Service-factory no. 3). * 1955 – TA-6, GAZ-51 based bus (until 1960). * 1956 – TA-1A. * 1959 – Tartu Autoremonditehas nr. 3 is a leading factory in constructing of special buses in USSR. * 1960 – conveyer method introduction. * 1961 – TA-9, GAZ-51 based bread lorry, TA-10, GAZ-51 based mail lorry. * 1961 – buses wooden frame is changed to metal frame. * 1963 – TA-9T, GAZ-51 based mobile workshop for better servicing peoples in country regions (shoemaker and hairdresser workshops). * 1964 – TA-942, GAZ-53F based isothermal lorry for meat and foodstuff, TA-942T, GAZ-53F based bus for public servicing. * 1965 – TA-942A, GAZ-53A based mobile workshop lorry. * 1965 – TA-942 and TA-942T serial production begins. * 1965 – model TA-942T production begins in Orenburg, Kemerovo, Borisov (Minsk region), Brovary (Kiev region) and Alma-Ata. * 1965 – model TA-9A (bread lorry) is presented international exhibition in Budapest. * 1965 – Afghanistan, Cuba and Mongolia purchased large amount TA-9A. * 1967 – factory renamed to Tartu Autode Remondi Katsetehas (Tartu Automobile Service Experimental Factory). * 1969 – model TA-9A renewed toTA-9A2, TA-9E (?-1968-1969, milk lorry) renewed to TA-9E2. New model are universal for GAZ-51A and GAZ-52-01. * 1973 – TA-9E3 milk lorry. * 1979 – TA-3760, GAZ-53A based lorry with modernized body. Experimental model. TA-9V - refrigerator lorry TA-9S - mail lorry TA-942?, 48k b/w photo from Denis Orlov collection, Moscow. TA-943K, GAZ-53A based lorry with lifting trap-door for transporting wheeled containers, 28k image. TA-943A – bread lorry. TA-943H3 – milk lorry. TA-943H4 – wagon truck for road workers. MPC-1-52 – GAZ-52 with lengthen cabin for communication workers. In serial production until 1979 have been 29 different models. There were also constructed many special automobiles for different purchasers. For instance there were constructed a bus for Estonian Television Company for mobile television transferring; automobile for sports club “Dynamo” for medical servicing the athletes; two automobiles for the film studio “Mosfilm” for the “War and peace”; Total amount 30 special automobiles (mobile laboratories, for road worker brigades etc.) In 1997 Tartu Autoremonditehas brake up. It was bankrupt even before. Now in Tartu BaltScan Ltd. are constructed Scania busses. Thanks a lot to Tarvo Puusepp from Tartu, Estonia. This page merely wasn't possible to appear without Tarvo help. The information is taken from the book "Tartu Autode Remondi Katsetehas", Tartu, 1979.

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