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Ariel Motors Ltd., Birmingham, England, UK.

Ariel W/NG, single OHV 348cc, 1940-1944, 37k photo of 1944 Ariel of RAF (Royal Air Forces)
Ariel NF and NG "Standard", single OHV 348cc, 1938
Ariel NH "Red Hunter", single OHV 348cc, 1933-1938, 61k drawing of 1938 model
Ariel NG, single OHV 348cc, 1939, 84k photo
Ariel VF and VG "Standard", single OHV 497cc, 1933-1935
Ariel VH "Red Hunter", single OHV 497cc, 1933-1934
Ariel VH "Red Hunter", single OHV 497cc, 1935-1938
Ariel VG "Standard", single OHV 497cc, 1936-1938, 107k photo (1936)
Ariel VB "Standard", single SV 597cc, 1936-1938, 15k b/w photo
Ariel 4F "Square-Four", 4-cyl OHV 597cc, ?-1939-?, 17k b/w photo
Ariel 4F "Square-Four", 4-cyl OHV 597cc, 1932-1936, 20k photo (1935).
Ariel 4F "Square-Four", 4-cyl OHV 995cc, 1936-1959
Pre-1932 models:
Ariel model E or F, 1929 or 1930, 500cc OHV, 73k and 100k photo, courtesy of Carolyn Watkins. This Ariel registered under "KH 8153" belonged to Carolyn's Granddad, riding on the photo is grandmother - Edith Hunter-James. Pre-1938 photo is taken in Herefordshire, England. Who can help Carolyn to trace later history of "KH 8153" Ariel?
Ariel 557 SV, 1928, 27k photo
Ariel 557 SV, 1927, 30k and 37k photo.
Ariel 500cc, 1927, 27k photo
Post-war models:
Ariel NG1 80, 350cc, (29 VIII 1950), 103k image from The National Motorcycle Museum Ltd. Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 OEJ, England, Tel: 01675 443311, Fax: 01675 443310. Photo courtesy of Gary Schuett, Wels, Austria. Thanks for corrections to Simon Hartland.
Photos are from:
Motorrad Markt magazine, Germany,
Association of Collectors of Historical Vehicles in Slovak Republik,
MFHF, Sweden,
Veteran Bazar & Museum, Czech Republic,
Klassisk Bil & MC, Danmark,
Thumper photo album,
Pavel Zidlicky, Prague,
"Stare motocykle" by Juraj Porazik, artist - Jan Oravec, Warsaw..
Thanks for help to Willem Molenaar, secretary of the Dutch Arielclub,
Jan Jensen, Treasurer, Danish Ariel Club, and to
Evgenii Pevzner, motorcycle historian and journalist, Moscow.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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