Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Hansa-Lloyd (Borgward).
1938-1944, ?-1949 Carl F.W. Borgward Automobil- und Motorenwerke GmbH, Bremen, Germany.
1936-1938 Hansa-Lloyd-Goliath-Werke AG.
1931-1936 Hansa-Lloyd und Goliath-Werke, Borgward und Tecklenborg oHG.
before 1931 Hansa-Lloyd Werke AG.

Hansa-1100, 1088cc, 1934-1939
Hansa-1700, 1624cc, 1934-1937
Borgward-2000, 2075cc, 1938-1940, 12k b/w photo,
Borgward-2300, 2247cc, 1939-1940, 14k photo from 1939 Berlin Auto-Moto Exhibition
Borgward-3500, 3485cc, 1936-1938, 14k b/w photo
Pre-1932 cars:
Hansa ? model, export car for Russia, 19??, 56k b/w photo courtesy of Stanislav Kiriletz (stanislav_kiriletz@gmx.de, kiriletz@web.de Homepage: http://www.kiriletz.de, Germany).
Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
"A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by Michael Sedgwick & Mark Gillies, Bay View Books Ltd.

What else in the Internet:
Svenska Borgwardklubben (in Swedish with some English).
Studio B (in German), archiv of early Hansa photos (go to Themen in the green line, then to the red arrow - Zum ThemenArchiv, at last on the Text Line - Oldtimer Hansa).
Thanks a lot for help to Dariusz Piecinski, Lublin, Poland.
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