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Zavod imeni Stalina (since 1956 - Zavod imeni Lihachova), Moscow, USSR
ZIS-101,  1936-1939
ZIS-101A, 1940-1941
ZIS-101B - trunkback prototype
ZIS-103 - ZIS-101 based prototype with independent front suspension (knee-action)
ZIS-102, 1938-1939
ZIS-102A, 1940-1941, 86k b/w photo from Russian State Archive
ZIS-101 Sport, 1939
ZIS-110, 1945-1958
ZIS-110B, ?-1947-1958, (ZIS-110 cabriolet), 86k photo
ZIS-110A, ?-1948-1955-? (ZIS-110 ambulance), 51k and 58k frontview
ZIS-115 (armoured ZIS-110), 49k photo courtesy of Victor Levine.
ZIS-112, 1951, sport, 12k b/w photo, courtesy of Igor Guzienko, Kiev.
ZIS-112/4, 1958, sport, 37k b/w photo
ZIL-111, 1959-1963
ZIL-111V (ZIL-111 cabriolet), 38k b/w photo
ZIL-112 sport, 1960,61,62, 38k photo from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
ZIL-111G, 1963-1967
ZIL-111D (ZIL-111G cabriolet), 1964-1967, 53k b/w photo.
Some images here are from Russian State Archive of Cinema- and Photodocuments and from archive of automobile journalist Denis Orlov, Moscow.
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