Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Moskvich.
ZMA, Zavod Malolitrazhnyh Avtomobilei, Moscow, USSR
Moskvich-422, Moskvich-400 and 401 based wooden van, 1949-1954-1956
Moskvich-400K, 1954-1956, Moskvich-401 based commercials and aviation help motors (cargo division must be windowless)
Moskvich-430, Moskvich-407 based van, 1958-1963
Moskvich-432, Moskvich-403 based van, 1963-1965
Moskvich-433, Moskvich-408 based van, 1966-1975, 6k photo.
Moskvich-408 pickup, 1966-1975, 89k b/w photo.

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