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Great Britain - Coventry;
Germany - TWN, Triumph Werke Nuernberg.
Before the WWI one of three TWN models was British Triumph
Then TWN went by their own way.
British Triumph (1902 - on, only pre-1945 here).
Triumph-T70, 249cc OHV single, 1936?-1939
Triumph-2H, 2HC, 249cc OHV single, 1938-1939? (2HC - coil)
Triumph-3SW, 343cc SV single, 1937-1945?, 23k b/w photo by Bart Vanderveen
Triumph-3/1, 343cc SV single, 1935-1936?
Triumph-NM, 343cc 1931-1934
Triumph-3HW, 349cc, 1940-1945?, 24k photo, 16k, 18k sport, 17k sport (all 1942)
Triumph-3H, 349cc SV, 1939, 1946?
Triumph-3TW, 349cc, 1940
Triumph-T80, 349cc OHV single, 1936?-1939
Triumph-3S and 3SE,349cc SV single, 1939? (3SE-Economy - no instrument panel, press-steel primary case)
Triumph-Mk 5/2, 493cc OHV single, 1934-1936?
Triumph-Mk 5/4, 493cc OHV single, 1934-1936? (5/2 with chrome tank and headlight)
Triumph-Mk 5/10, 493? cc, 1934-1936
Triumph-Mk 5/5, 493cc OHV single, 1935-1936?
Triumph Tiger T100, 497cc OHV twin , 1938-1940, 1945-1959, 54k photo, 72k photo (1940)
Triumph-5T, 497cc OHV twin , 1937-1940, 1946-1958, "Speed Twin"
Triumph-5S, 497cc SV single, 1939-1940
Triumph-5H, 497cc, 1939?
Triumph-5SE, 497cc SV single, 1939? Economy
Triumph-T90, 497cc OHV single, 1936-1938, 1936 model was quite different and based on the 5/5 of 1935 year
Triumph ? model, 500cc, appr. 1935, 29k and 25k photo
Triumph 498cc twin-port OHV, 1929, 43k b/w picture
Triumph NL, 500cc, 1928, 16k photo
Triumph model R (Ricardo, "Riccy"), 1-cyl. OHV 499cc, 1921-1927, 52k and (1925), 51k photo (1925)
Triumph SD, 1-cyl. SV 500cc, ?-1921-1927-?, 34k photo (1927), 33k photo (1924), 28k photo (1921)
Triumph ? model, 500cc 1-cyl., 1926, 66k and 73k photo
Triumph NSD, 550cc SV, 1934-1935, 36k photo
Triumph-6S, 597cc OHV single, 1937?-1939
Triumph-6/1, 649cc OHV twin, 1933-1936
Triumph-T85, ? cc, 1939, 1946 prototypes only
Pre-1922 motorcycles:
Triumph H, 1-cyl. SV 550cc, 1919, 22k and 18k photo
Triumph "Baby", 225cc 2-stroke, 1914 (or this is German Triumph?)
Triumph 3,5 HP Roadster (1912), 1-cyl. SV 499cc, 1910-1914, 28k and 26k photo
Triumph 3,5 HP Roadster (1911), 1-cyl. SV 499cc, 1910-1914, 33k photo
Triumph 3,5 HP (1910), 1-cyl. SV 499cc, 1910-1914, 28k and 26k photo
Some post-1945 models (post-war motorcycles are not a topic of my site):
Triumph-3T, GB , 349cc OHV twin , 1946-1951
1957 Triumph Tiger T100 pre-unit in 1956 trims, 80k photo courtesy of the owner David Cazaux from France.
Photos and data are from:
Ian Chadwick's Triumph Motorcycles Timeline, Canada
eBay USA internet auction
eBay Deutschland internet auction
"Motorrad Markt" magazine, Germany.
Yesterdays antique motorcycles
Bator International
Klassisk Bil & MC
What else in the Internet:
Ian Chadwick's Triumph Motorcycles Timeline, Canada (in English) - a lot about British Triumph.
Thanks for help to Robert Stockdale (the UK), a long time pre-war Triumph enthusiast with speciality in 1937-1939 models.

German Triumph (TWN) (1903-07, 1919-43, 1948-57, only pre-1945 here)
Triumph Damen- und Herren Mofa, 74cc 1,2hp Sachs, 1931-1934
Triumph Herren Mofa, 98cc 2,25hp Sachs, 1935-1940, 23k photo
Triumph TS 100, 98cc 2,25hp Sachs, 1934-1936
Triumph B 125 Drehschieber, 122cc 4,2hp own 2-stroke, 1939-1943
Triumph BL 170, BLS 170, 170cc 5hp own 2-stroke, 1932-1934
Triumph B 200, L, LF (Rohrgabel), 197cc 7hp own 2-stroke, 1936-1939,
Triumph B 204, E, F, (Pressstahlgabel), 197cc 7hp own 2-stroke, 1938-1939,
Triumph RLS, RL 200, RL 30, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1934-1938.
Triumph B 200 E, F, 197cc, 1937-1938?
Triumph 200 K (Kardan), 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1934-1937,
Triumph Noris 200, 201, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1933-1935,
Triumph SKL 200, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1933-1934
Triumph K6, K7, K8, K9, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1928-1933
Triumph KV 200, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1931-1933, 18k b/w photo (1931)
Triumph KVZ, SKV, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1932-1933
Triumph SK 33, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1932-1933
Triumph SK 200, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1930-1932
Triumph B 254 F, 244cc 8,5hp own 2-stroke, 1938-1939,
Triumph BD 250 Drehschieber, 248cc 12hp own 2-stroke, 1939-1943
Triumph K3, K4, K5, K6, 248cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1925-1928
Triumph "Knirps" 2 1/2 PS, 276cc 4hp own 2-stroke, 1922-1924
Triumph KK 3 PS, K 10, K 11 Supra, 296cc 8hp own 2-stroke, 1925-1930
Triumph B 350, 346cc 12hp own 2-stroke, 1938-1939,
Triumph S 350, 346cc 11hp own 2-stroke, 1936-1938,
Triumph Kongress 350, 346cc 9hp MAG-Lizenz SV, 1934-1937, 18k b/w photo
Triumph SSK, SSKL, 346cc 15hp MAG OHV, 1930-1933
Triumph T 350, 346cc 9hp MAG IOE, 1930-1933
Triumph T3, T4, 493cc 15hp English Triumph SV, 1927-1930, 71k 1929 T4, photo courtesy of Wiglef Kutschke (Germany). 25 IX 2002: Wiglef is seeking for T4 front wheel with stamped "Fichtel und Sachs, Schweinfurt A. M., Model 294, TR." on the surface of the brake plate. Who can help?
Triumph S 500, 496cc 20hp MAG-Lizenz OHV, 1937-1938,
Triumph TM 500, 496cc 13hp MAG-Lizenz SV, 1932-1937,
Triumph STM 500, 496cc 20hp MAG-Lizenz OHV, 1932-1937, 37k and 33k photo
Triumph SST, 496cc 20hp MAG OHV, 1930-1933
Triumph T 500, 496cc 13hp MAG IOE, 1930-1931
Triumph Typ S 3 1/2 PS - Ricardo, 499cc 20hp English Triumph 4-valve, 1924-1926
Triumph T1, T2, Modell 4 PS, 550cc 16hp English Triumph SV, 1924-1927
Triumph RR 750, 2-cyl. 741cc 16hp MAG IOE, 1930-1933, 16k b/w photo (1931)
Triumph ? model, 197cc 6hp own 2-stroke, 1930, 46k and 44k photo
Triumph ? model (K?), appr. 1927, 77k b/w photo (TWN, Zündapp, TWN)
Pre-1922 motorcycles:
Triumph "Knirps" 2 1/2 PS, 269cc 3hp own 2-stroke, 1919-1921, 78k photo of 1920 Triumph Knirps
Some post-1945 models (post-war motorcycles are not a topic of my site):
  Triumph Boss, 346cc, 1953-1957, 67k and 86k images of 1954 Boss with 1952 Steib LS-200 sidecar, sent by Roger Lund, this TWN owner, Karlskoga, Sweden.
Photos and data are from:
Tilman Werner, "Von Ardie bis Zündapp" (Stuttgart, 1993).
"Motorrad Markt" magazine, Germany.
eBay Deutschland internet auction
Svet Motoru magazine, CSSR.
What else in the net:
TWN-Zweirad-IG (in German) - 1903-1957 TWN hobby, Germany.
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