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Rigas Autobusu Fabrika, Jelgava, Latvia, USSR.

RAF-251, 1955-1958?, GAZ-51 based 22(29 - common)-passenger bus, 34k image
RAF-251, ?1958-?, GAZ-51 based 22(29 - common)-pass. bus, 57k courtesy of Dmitry Gvozdev, Kiev.
RAF-08, 1957, 8-passenger prototype bus, 13k image with RAF-10 on the background.
RAF-10, 1957, prototype bus, 33k b/w image
RAF-10, 1957-1959, GAZ-21 based 9-11-passenger bus
RAF-977, 1959-1976, GAZ-21 based 10-passenger bus/ambulance/taxi Thanks for help to Maris Gutmanis, Riga.
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