Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. CZ.
(1930) 1932-1942, 1946-on, Ceska Zbrojovka AS., Strakonice, Czechoslovakia.
CZ-76, 1932-1933?, 1-cyl. 76cc, 2hp, 66k drawing
CZ-98 (CZ-100), 1933-?, 1-cyl. 98cc, 2,5hp
CZ-125A, ?-1935-?, 1-cyl. 124cc, 4,0hp, 10k- and 7k photo
CZ-175, ?-1939-?, 1-cyl. 172cc, 5,5hp, 19k photo
CZ-250 Tourist, 1936 (-1937?), 1-cyl.
CZ-250 Sport, 1936 (-1937?), 1-cyl.
CZ-250 Tourist, 1937-1941 (-1942?), 1-cyl.
CZ-250 Sport, 1937-1941 (-1942?), 1-cyl.
Some of these 250 models had 248cc 9,0hp engine, another one - 247cc 8,0hp. I don't have data.
Tourist had magneto ignition, Sport - battery ignition
CZ-250, 1936 (owner - Tony Messenger (California, USA), 39k photo.
another CZ-250, 1936, 51k b/w photo
CZ-350, 1938-1940, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 345cc, 11,5hp, 103k (owner - A.Kudlac, Ricany, Czechoslovakia)
CZ-500, 1938-?, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 494cc, 15,0hp, 105k (restored by Vaclav Slovak, Kladno, CSSR)

1930 CZ-60, 60cc

Photos and data are from:
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
Tony Messenger (California, USA),
mobile.de (Germany),
"Moto & Car Oldtimer",
eBay (Germany),
"Internationale Motorrad Typenschau" book by Dr. Ing. Gerhard Seidel, 1944,
"Stare motocykle" book by Juraj Porazik, artist - Jan Oravec, Warsaw, 1984.

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