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1947-on, Minskii Avtomobiljnyi Zavod, Minsk, Bjelorussija, SSSR.

By not approved data this plant was built by captives in WW2 times of German occupation as automobile repair plant for Wehrmacht.

Automobile production in USSR table.

Russian version of this page is more detailed.

MAZ-205, 1947-1966, 4x2 5-ton dump truck on YaAZ-200 (pre-1950) / MAZ-200 (post-1950) base,
MAZ-200, 1951-1965, 4x2 7-ton cargo and chassis for derivatives,
MAZ-525, 1951-1965, 4x2 25-ton quarry dump truck, 76k image
MAZ-200V, 200M, 1952-1966, 4x2 12-ton semitractor, 40k b/w image
MAZ-501, 1955-1966, 4x4 15-ton timber delivery, 58k b/w image
MAZ-502, 1957-1965, 4x4 4-ton cargo, 62k photo and 27k drawing of MAZ-502A (with winch)
MAZ-530, 1957-1960 (1960-1963 - BelAZ production in Zhodino), 6x4 40-ton quarry dump truck, 93k photo and 30k b/w image, 30 built alltogether
MAZ-500, 1965-1970-1978-late 1980's, 4x2 7,5-ton (1970 - 8-ton) cargo/chassis for derivatives,
MAZ-503, 1965-1970-1978-late 1980's, 4x2 7-ton dump-truck on short wheelbase of MAZ-500
MAZ-504, 1965-1970-1978-late 1980's, 4x2 tractor, 18k b/w image and 21k b/w cement tank
MAZ-509, 1966-1969, 4x4 MAZ-500 based timber delivery
Experimental automobiles:
MAZ-529, 1956, 1-axle + 1-axle trailer road-building ground mover, since 1958 in series production as modified MAZ-529V at MoAZ plant in Mogilyov, from 1961 - 9,2-ton MAZ-529E
MAZ-1500, 1959, race car, 2 built
MAZ-506, late 1950-s, 6-ton dump truck with both-side unloading
MAZ-528, late 1950-s, 4x4 tractor for 30-ton trailer
MAZ-532, late 1950-s, 4x4 18-20-ton timber delivery tractor in pair with 2-axle trailer
MAZ-541, late 1950-s, 4x4 85-ton airdrome tractor
MAZ-505, early 1962, 4x4 MAZ-509 based cargo
MAZ-508V, early 1962, 4x4 MAZ-509 based semitractor (but MAZ-509 is semitractor too!!?)
MAZ-516, 1966, in 1969-1973 in serial production, 6x2 14-ton cargo
MAZ-??? (NAMI prototype for MoAZ?), 44k photo from the archive of NAMI, Moscow.
MAZ-? (is this 538?), 44k photo from the archive of NAMI, Moscow.
MAZ-511, 1962, 1965 or 1966, dump truck with both-side unloading, 54k b/w image.
MAZ-5203 - low 2-axle semitrailer for heavy building mashines transportation. Tractor - YaAZ-210D or YaAZ-210G (with special additional axle)
MAZ-5215 - cargo 12-ton semitrailer for MAZ-200V
MAZ-5215B - cargo 12,5-ton semitrailer for MAZ-200V
MAZ-5217 - van-type 11-ton semitrailer for MAZ-200V
MAZ-5245 - cargo 13,5-ton semitrailer for MAZ-200V, 97k, courtesy of Evgenii Baburin, Moscow.
Experimental trailers:
MAZ-847, 1962(?) - 2-axle both-side dump trailer for MAZ-511
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