Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. BSA (only pre-1945 here).
1903-?, BSA Motorcycles Ltd., Birmingham, England, UK.

BSA = Birmingham Small Arms.

250cc OHV single:
BSA B22 "Empire Star", 249cc 12HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA B21, 249cc 11HP, 1937-1938-?, 20k photo from Mobile.de
BSA B3 "Luxus", 249cc 11HP, 1936
BSA B2, X0, B18, 249cc 10HP, 1936
BSA B35-3 "Luxus", 249cc 11HP, 1935
BSA B35-2, 249cc 10HP, 1935
BSA B34-17 "Sports", 249cc 11HP, 1934
BSA B34-3 "Blue Star", 249cc 12HP, 1934
BSA B34-2, 249cc 10HP, 1934
BSA B33-3 "Blue Star", 249cc 12HP, 1933
BSA B33-2, 249cc 10HP, 1933
BSA B32-1, 249cc 10HP, 1932
350cc OHV single:
BSA M19, 348cc 18HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA B25, B26, 348cc 16HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA B24 "Empire Star", 348cc 18HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA R5 "Empire Star", 348cc 18HP, 1936
BSA R20 "Blue Star", 348cc 18HP, 1936
BSA R4, R19, R17, 348cc 14HP, 1936
BSA R35-5 "Blue Star", 348cc 18HP, 1935
BSA R35-4, 348cc 14HP, 1935
BSA R34-6 "Special", 348cc 20HP, 1934
BSA R34-5 "Blue Star", 348cc 18HP, 1934
BSA R34-4, 348cc 14HP, 1934
BSA R33-5 "Blue Star", 348cc 18HP, 1933
BSA R33-4, 348cc 14HP, 1933
BSA R32-5 "Blue Star", 349cc 18HP, 1932
BSA R32-3, 349cc 14HP, 1932
500cc SV single:
BSA (W)M20, 496cc 13HP, 1937-1940-?
BSA W6, 499cc 13HP, 1936
BSA W35-6, 499cc 13HP, 1935
BSA M34-7, 499cc 13HP, 1934
BSA W33-6, 499cc 13HP, 1933
BSA W32-6, 499cc 13HP, 1932
500cc OHV single:
BSA M24 "Gold Star", 496cc 28HP, 1938-1939, 44k photo
BSA M23 "Empire Star", 496cc 26HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA M22, 496cc 23HP, 1937-1938-?
BSA Q8 "Empire Star", 496cc 24HP, 1936
BSA Q21 "Blue Star", 496cc 24HP, 1936, 105k b/w photo
BSA Q7, 496cc 22HP, 1936
BSA W35-9 "Special", 499cc 26HP, 1935
BSA W35-8 "Blue Star", 499cc 24HP, 1935
BSA W35-7, 499cc 22HP, 1935
BSA W34-10 "Special", 499cc 26HP, 1934
BSA W34-9 "Blue Star", 499cc 24HP, 1934
BSA W34-8, 499cc 22HP, 1934
BSA W33-9 "Special", 499cc 26HP, 1933
BSA W33-8 "Blue Star", 499cc 24HP, 1933
BSA W33-7, 499cc 20HP, 1933
BSA S32-8, 493cc 20HP, 1932
BSA W32-7 "Blue Star", 499cc 24HP, 1932, 44k and 46k photo from Thumper photo album
BSA W32-7, 499cc 20HP, 1932, 118k photo from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
600cc SV single:
BSA M21, 591cc 15HP, 1937-1939-?, 17k b/w bad photo from eBay
BSA M10, 595cc 15HP, 1936
BSA M35-10, 595cc 15HP, 1935
BSA M34-12, 595cc 15HP, 1934
BSA M33-10, 595cc 15HP, 1933
600cc OHV single:
BSA M35-11, 595cc 25HP, 1935
BSA M34-13, 595cc 25HP, 1934
BSA M33-11, 595cc 25HP, 1933, 36k photo from eBay
BSA J12, 498cc OHV, 22HP, 1936-?
BSA J35-12, 498cc OHV, 22HP, 1935
BSA J34-11, 498cc OHV, 22HP, 1934
BSA Y13, 748cc OHV, 30HP, 1936-1937-?
BSA G14, 986cc SV, 24HP, 1936-?
BSA G35-14, 986cc SV, 24HP, 1935
BSA G34-14, 986cc SV, 24HP, 1934
BSA G33-12(13), 986cc SV, 22HP, 1933
BSA G32-10, 986cc SV, 22HP, 1932
Pre-1932 models (far from complete list):
BSA S31-7, 493cc SV, 12HP, 1931, 27k photo from Veteran Bazar & Museum
BSA E30-14, 770cc SV, 17HP, 1930, 20k photo from Trader Online
BSA 500, ?HP, 1929, 45k b/w photo from "Oldtimer Markt" magazine, Germany.
BSA 500cc SV, ?HP, 1928, 23k photo from Veteran Bazar & Museum
BSA 475cc, ?HP, 1926, 17k photo from Hemmings Motor News.
BSA K, ?cc ?HP, 1919, 38k and 39k photo from Thumper photo album
BSA 500?, ?cc ?HP, 1915, 66k and 59k photo from Thumper photo album
Some post-war BSA:
1954 BSA C11, 250cc, 47k photo courtesy of Ulf Sonnevelt, owner of this BSA.
Thanks for help to Richard Clinker from London.
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