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8 VII 1944 - 1961 Ural subsidiary of ZiS, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, USSR.
After 1961 - UralAZ.

In 1941 equipment of Moscow ZiS has been moved to Ulijanovsk and Ural, far from front line.
Since 1942 new factory assembled engines and gearboxes, and since 1944 - trucks.
UralZiS-5, 8 VII 1944 - 1950, basal 3-ton truck (60k b/w photo), see also ZiS-5
UralZiS-21A, 1946-1951, gas generator 2,5-ton truck on UralZiS-5 base
UralZiS-50, UralZiS-5 with ZiS-150 engine
UralZiS-5M, 1950 - II 1955, basal 3-ton truck (83k photo)
UralZiS-351, 195?-195?, (experimental or small series) dumptruck on UralZiS-5M base
UralZiS-352, 1952-1956, gas generator 2,5-ton truck on UralZiS-5M base (72k b/w photo)
UralZiS-355, II 1955 - XII 1957, basal 3-ton truck (52k b/w photo)
UralZiS-355M, XII 1957 - X 1965, basal 3,5-ton truck (34k b/w photo)
UralZiS-354, 195?-19??, (prototype or small series) UralZiS-355M based gas generator truck (42k)
UralZiS-358, UralZiS-355M based dump truck
Photos are from:
Denis Orlov, automobile journalist and historian, Moscow.
Archive of NAMI, Moscow.
Tarmo Riisenberg (Estonia).
Thanks for help to Alexander Govorukha (Nikolaev, Ukraine).
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