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1921-1984, Zündapp Werke, G.m.b.H., Nürnberg 20, Germany
(from Zünder und Apparatebau GmbH)
Zündapp-DB175 Derby,    1933     , 172cc,   5,5hp, single 2-stroke,
Zündapp-DB(T)200, 1935-1940, 198cc, 7hp, single 2-stroke, chain,
Zündapp-DBK200, 1935-1938, 198cc, 7hp, single 2-stroke, chain, 111k b/w and opposite side, 99k b/w images,
Zündapp-DBL200, 1936 , 198cc, 7hp, single 2-stroke, chain,
Zündapp-DE/DL200 Derby, 1933-1935, 198cc, 7hp, 2-stroke,
Zündapp-DK200, 1936 , 198cc, 7hp, single 2-stroke, chain,
Zündapp-DK200, 1935 , 198cc, 5,4hp, single 2-stroke, cardan,
Zündapp-K200, 1933-1934, 198cc, 6,5hp, single 2-stroke, cardan,
Zündapp-KK200, 1935-1936, 198cc, 7hp, single 2-stroke, cardan,
Zündapp-OK200, 1933 , 198cc, 8hp, single 4-stroke OHV, cardan,
Zündapp-DB250, 1937-1940, 247cc, 8,5hp, single 2-stroke, chain, 119k b/w image 1937 DB250 (22k) coutesy of Antonio Luis Morais e Cunha Vaz Pato from Portugal and 20k b/w pre-war photo (Holland) from family album of Vincent de Kousemaeker (Cairns, Australia). Vincent's son would like to buy such motorcycle in order to return family relic. I hope he will succeed. Zündapp-DBK250, 1938-1940, 247cc, 8,5hp, single 2-stroke, chain, 106k b/w image
Zündapp-DS350, 1937-1940, 346cc, 17,5hp, single 4-stroke OHV, chain, 105k b/w image
Zündapp-K350, 1935-1936, 349cc, 12hp, single 2-stroke, cardan,
Zündapp-KK350, 1936-1937, 349cc, 11hp, single 2-stroke, cardan, 113k b/w image
Zündapp-K400, 1933 , 398cc, 10hp, twin 4-stroke SV, cardan,
Zündapp-KKS500, 1937-1938, 496cc, 25hp, twin 4-stroke OHV, cardan,
Zündapp-KS500, 1936-1939, 496cc, 24hp, twin 4-stroke OHV, cardan, 84k b/w and from the rear, 74k b/w images,
Zündapp-K500, 1933-1940, 498cc, 12,5hp, twin 4-stroke SV, cardan,
Zündapp-K600, 1933 , 597cc, 15hp, 4-cyl 4-stroke SV, cardan.
Zündapp-KS600, 1938-1941 1949-50, 597cc, 28hp, twin 4-stroke OHV, cardan,
Zündapp-KS750, 1941-1948, 751cc, 26hp, twin 4-stroke OHV, cardan,
Zündapp-K800, 1933-1938, 791cc, 20/22hp, 4-cyl 4-stroke SV, cardan.
Some pre-1933 models:
1929 Zündapp-Z300, 1928-1930, 297cc, 9hp, single 2-stroke, 99k photo from "Svet Motoru", CSSR.
1928 Zündapp-Z200, 1928-1931, 198cc, 4,5hp, single 2-stroke, 81k photo from Wojtek Frankiewicz (Lodz, Poland).
1927 Zündapp-EM250 (EinheitsModell), 1925-1928, 249cc, 4,5hp, single 2-stroke, 75k photo from "Svet Motoru", CSSR.
1927 Zündapp-EM250 trike, 249cc, 4,5hp, single 2-stroke, 45k photo from the book "Motocykly" by A.E.Vorontsov, 1997.
1922 Zündapp-Z22, 1921-1925, 211cc, 2,25hp, single 2-stroke, 79k photo from "Svet Motoru", CSSR.

Some images are from Tilman Werner's book "Von Ardie bis Zündapp" (Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 1993).
Some information has been kindly supplied by Josep Sanz Guillen, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. See also his BMW-R35 site.
Many data were supplied by classic motorcycle journalist Evgeniy Pevzner, Moscow.
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