Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Chevrolet (only pre-1945 here).

Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, USA
Chevrolet ("Maple Leaf", General Motors Canada, Ontario)
Chevrolet assembly lines on GAZ (USSR, 1941?-1944).
Chevrolet with European bodies (some bodies are probably original American):
Chevrolet (Belgium)
  16k (28 V 1940) photo
Chevrolet (Danmark)
  44k WW2 photo
Chevrolet (Finland)
  8k WW2 photo
Chevrolet (France)
  10k 1940 photo, 47k WW2 photo (1937 model), 56k WW2 photo (1938 model), 59k WW2 photo (1938 model semi-trailer),
  34k WW2 photo (1937 model), 51k WW2 photo (1940 model semi-trailer)
Chevrolet (Germany)
  35k 1936 photo, 52k 1941 photo, 20k photo, 113k photo, 77k photo (1929-1930 model), 31k photo, 114k photo.
Chevrolet (Greece)
  22k 1941 photo (Crete)
Chevrolet (Holland)
  89k WW2 photo (1938 model), 19k WW2 photo (1938 model), 39k WW2 photo (1939 model), 61k WW2 photo (1936 model)
Chevrolet (Latvia)
  74k photo
Chevrolet (Norway)
  31k WW2 photo (1937 pickup), 41k WW2 photo (1938 pickup), 35k (IV 1942) photo (1939 pickup), 48k WW2 photo (1938 truck),
  10k WW2 photo (1939 truck), 58k WW2 photo (1939 bus), 66k WW2 photo (1935 truck), 40k WW2 photo (1940 truck).
Chevrolet (Sweden).
Chevrolet (Yugoslavia), 1939/40, assembled in Kragujevac.
General Motors - Holden, Australia.
Chevrolet (Bombay, India), since 1939 assembly plant of Canadian chassis + local bodies. 40k photo of 1939 Chevrolet 1311X3 from Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", 1989.
Chevrolet (South African Union).
Chevrolet (New Zealand), assembly of Canadian Chevrolet, ?-1942-?.
Chevrolet (Peru), 29k pre-1945 photo.

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