Oldtimers picture gallery. Trucks. Studebaker (only pre-1945 here).
1933-1964, Studebaker Automobile Co., South Bend, Indiana, USA.
1930-1933 S.P.A. (Studebaker Pierce-Arrow) Truck Corporation.
1908-1930 Studebaker Corporation, South Bend, Indiana, USA.
1902-1908 Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company.
Studebaker US6, 1941-1945, 2,5-ton 6x6 and 6x4 military, almost 100% of all Studebakers in USSR
Studebaker M29C (UST24) "Weasel", 1943-1945, full-track carrier
Studebaker M29C "Weasel", 1943-1945, full-track amphibia, 23k photo
Studebaker M28 (UST15) "Weasel", 1942-1943, tracked carrier, 31k b/w photo
Early WW2 experiments, never in production:
Studebaker LA, 194?, 6x6 military truck, 17k b/w photo
Studebaker LD, 194?, 6x6 military truck
4x4 Studebaker L-series, 194?
Studebaker M, 1941-1942, 1945-1948, 17k photo of 1941 flat bed truck.
Studebaker M-5, 1941-1948, 1/2 ton pickup, 58k courtesy of Gary Cameron (BO), Topeka, KS, USA.
Studebaker Champion coupe-delivery, 1941, coupe with pick-up box, 25k b/w photo
Studebaker President ambulance, 1940, 20k b/w photo
Studebaker-L-5, 1939, 76k photo, courtesy of Gary Cameron (BO), Topeka, Kansas, USA. Gary supposes Studebaker may has made as few as 25 of them. Studebaker K standard series, 1938-1942, 19k b/w photo of 1940 model K25, 4x2 2,5-ton military
Studebaker K(M) cab-forward, 1938-1940, 21k photo of semi-tractor with sleeper cab
Studebaker K-5, 1938 coupe-express, 50k and 28k photo from Gary Cameron (BO), Topeka, KS, USA.
Studebaker-J, standard series, 1937
Studebaker J(M) cab-forward, 1937, 18k b/w photo
Studebaker J-5, 1937 coupe-express
Studebaker-2W and 2T, 1936, standard series,
Studebaker-2M, 1936 cabover,
Studebaker 1T (DeLuxe Cab), 1935, 13k b/w photo
Studebaker 1T (Conventional Cab), 1935, 13k b/w photo of 2-ton Boss 1T-6 coal truck
Studebaker 1W (DeLuxe Sleeper Cab), 1935, 12k b/w photo of 3-ton 1W-8 Big Chief semi-tractor
Studebaker President Eight funeral car, Westminster body, 1935, 30k b/w photo
Studebaker President Eight funeral Elmwood Service Car, 1935, 27k b/w photo
Studebaker T or W (DeLuxe Cab, 3-axle), 1934, 58k b/w photo
Studebaker T or W (Conventional Cab), 1934, 46k b/w photo of semi-tractor
Studebaker T or W (DeLuxe Sleeper Cab), 1934, 50k b/w photo of semi-tractor
Studebaker S, 1932 or 1933, 3,5-ton, 89k and 58k photo
Studebaker ER Standard Six, 1926 with about 1933 hearse body, 25k and 15k photo
Pre-1932 trucks:
Studebaker, 1931(?), Tow Truck, 47k photo by Gary Cameron (BO), Topeka, Kansas, USA.
1930-1931 model row:
Studebaker S1, 1931, 0,5-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 114-in. wheelbase
Studebaker S20, 1931, 1,5-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 130-in. wheelbase
Studebaker S30, 1931, 1,5-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 160-in. wheelbase
Studebaker S40, 1931, 2-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 136-in. wheelbase
Studebaker S40, 1931, 2-ton, 6-cyl. 68hp, 148-in. wheelbase tractor
Studebaker S50, 1931, 2-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 148-in. wheelbase
Studebaker S60, 1931, 2-ton, 6-cyl. 70hp, 160-in. wheelbase
Studebaker 40, 1930, 1,25-ton, 6-cyl. 71hp, 146-in. wheelbase
Studebaker 88, 1930, 2,5-ton, 8-cyl. 115hp, 184-in. wheelbase
Studebaker 99, 1930, 3,5-ton, 8-cyl. 115hp, 184-in. wheelbase
Studebaker, 1929(?) pickup, 52k 1947 photo from family album of Dale Updike, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. This truck belonged to Dale's dad in the 1940's-50's. The photo has been taken near Love, Saskatchewan, Canada (Dale is the little kid in the snow suit). And 2 more rear views: 57k photo, 70k photo.
Studebaker Six, 1925, 24k photo of Los Angeles Police paddy wagon
Studebaker EM Six, 1923, 27k photo of pickup.
Studebaker light truck sales (by "The 100-year Almanac"):

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Units 2430 2413 1697 2100 3279 5129 2000 2110 1122 4723 ?
Photos and data are from:
Gary Cameron (BO), Topeka, Kansas, USA,
Kruse International,
Military Vehicles Sales & Appraisal Service,
Trader Online,
Hemmings Motor News,
The Autocollections,
"Turning Wheels", Studebaker Driver's Club magazine, article by Fred K. Fox,
Asa E. Hall & Richard M. Langworth "The Studebaker Century. A National Heritage".
Old trucks photo album of John T. Norton,
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle" publication, 1989,
Materials of Clell G. Ballard (Fairfield, Idaho, USA) and
Richard Quinn (Mokena, Illinois, USA) are also used here.

What else in the Internet:
Bill Jackameit's Studebaker Pages (in English) - awarded pages of Studebaker cars.
Studebaker Driver's Club site (in English). That's interesting.
Studebaker Under Construction (in English) :-) it is already constructed! (I think so)
McCabe-Powers Historical Museum (in English) - site of Christofer GM Powers, great grandson of Edward J.Powers, Sr. Edward J.Powers and his partner, James H. McCabe, built many types of vehicles over the company's 135+ years of business. Some bodies of Studebaker trucks were built by McCabe-Powers.
Barry Harmsworth's Studebaker Truck Site (Australia).
Thanks a lot to John Henne (Shelburne, NH, USA) and Gary Cameron (BO) (Topeka, Kansas, USA) for their friendly and powerful assistance. They are members of Studebaker Driver's Club. Most part of superb images here are from Gary's collection.
My special gratitude to the "Turning Wheels", Studebaker Driver's Club magazine, and to Linda and Fred K. Fox, editors of this excellent publication. A lot of materials here are courtesy of Fred.
If you have Russian code page in your PC, here is excellent article about Studebaker history, written and sent by Roman Kamenetskiy.
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