Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. DKW (only pre-1945 here).
1922-1959, DKW Werk, Chemnitz, Germany.
Since 29 VI 1932 - part of Auto Union AG. (DKW, Wanderer, Horch, Audi).
DKW RT3,   1936-1940, 97cc
DKW RT100, 1934-1936
DKW RT125, 1939-1944
DKW KM175, 1930-1933
DKW Block175, 1933
DKW KS200, 1936-1940, 58600 built, 80k b/w photo from Martin Schenker homepage, Berlin
DKW SB200, 1933-1938
DKW SB200A (Luxus),1933-1938
DKW KM200, 1934-1936, 34k photo from Martin Schenker homepage, Berlin
DKW Block200, 1931-1933
DKW TM200, 1932-1933, 57k b/w photo
DKW BM200, 1933
DKW Luxus200, 1929-1932
DKW NZ250, 1938-1941
DKW SB250, 1933-1938, 89k b/w photo
DKW Sport250, 1936-1938
DKW KS250,
DKW NZ350, 1939-1943-1945
DKW SB350, 1934-1938, 69k b/w photo
DKW 350 Prototyp, 1936, 57k b/w photo
DKW Sport350, 1933-1934
DKW Block350, 1931-1932
DKW UB350 Sport, 1932, 55k b/w photo
DKW NZ500, 1939-1941
DKW SB500, 1934-1939
DKW Block500, 1933
Sport and racing models (only some examples):
DKW 250 Super Sport, ?-1934-1939-?, 50k b/w photo
DKW 250 Rennmaschine, 1934, 33k b/w photo
DKW ORS250, 1939, 82k b/w photo
DKW UL250, 1938, 87k b/w photo
DKW UL250, 1937, 71k photo, 85k photo
DKW ULD250, 1937
DKW URe175/250, 1936, 64k b/w photo
DKW US250, 1938, 83k b/w photo
DKW SS350, 1939
DKW UL350, 1938, 97k b/w photo
DKW URM500, 1937, 96k b/w photo
DKW ULD500, ?-1935-1936-?, 72k b/w photo
DKW UL500, ?-1934-1937-?
Pre-1932 models:
DKW Luxus200ZS, 1930-1931, 22k photo (1930)
DKW Super Sport, 1931, 2-cyl. 600cc, 57k b/w photo
DKW Luxus300, 1929-1930, 10k photo (1929)
DKW E206/200, 1926-1929
DKW E300, 1927-1929, 24k photo (1929)
DKW ARe 175, 1925, 57k b/w photo
DKW Reichsfahrmodell, 1922, 140cc, 69k photo, restorer - V.Frank, Praha, CSSR.
DKW Lomos, 1921, 66k b/w photo.

What else in the internet:
Martin Schenker homepage, Berlin.
DKW Club Nederland (in Dutch).
Historia motocykli DKW (in Polish).

Photos and data are from:
Peter Kirchberg's "Bildatlas Auto Union", Berlin, 1987.
Martin Schenker homepage, Berlin.
"Svet Motoru" magazine, CSSR
"Motocykly" by A.E.Vorontsov, 1997, Moscow, Viktoria AST.
eBay Deutschland.
Some information has been kindly supplied by Josep Sanz Guillen, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. See also his BMW-R35 site.
Many data are from by Evgeniy Pevzner, Moscow.
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