Oldtimers picture gallery. Trucks. International (only pre-1945 here).
Producer: "International Harvester Company" (IHC), USA
International M-5-6, 1941-1942, 21/2-ton truck 6x6 and 6x4, most popular International model in the USSR
International M425 (H-542-9), 1944-1945, 5-ton tractor 4x2, 53k b/w photo from "US Army Vehicles of WW2" by J.M. Boniface & J.G. Jeudy.
International M426 (H-542-11), 1944-1945, 5-ton tractor 4x2, 42k photo from "US Army Vehicles of WW2" by J.M. Boniface & J.G. Jeudy.
International K5, KS5, 1943-1945
International K8, ?-1941-1945-?, 19k photo from Conrad Vogel site, Conrad restores rare GMC ACKWX353 (46k).
International K, 1945, 12k image from Classics4Sale.
International M-2-4, 1942-1945, 1-ton truck 4x4, 24k image from Classic Pickups
International M-3-4, 1941-1944, 11/2-ton truck 4x4, 17k b/w photo from "US Army Vehicles of WW2" by J.M. Boniface & J.G. Jeudy.
International KR11, 1941-1943, 49k image from Jan Szatan, Poland (homepage).
International K7, 1941-1942
International K, 1942, 100k 1940's picture of horse skidding to a power jammer, hauling from Camp #1, Kendall Camp area, with a 1942 International truck owned by Jack Strand, Koochiching County, Effie, Minnesota, courtesy of Patricia A. Gray (International Falls, Minnesota, USA).
International K, 1942, 30k photo of grain truck from Country Classic Cars.
International K6, 1942, 9k photo of flat bed truck from Trader Online.
International K, 1941, 33k and 18k photo of tractor with Fruehauf trailer from eBay
International M-1-4, 1941?, half-ton pickup 4x4, 43k b/w photo from "US Army Vehicles of WW2" by J.M. Boniface & J.G. Jeudy.
International K2, 1939, 33k b/w image from Classic Pickups and 9k another K2 from Trader Online.
International series D, 1937-1939
International series C, 1934-1937
International D-1, 1933, pickup by Willys, 43k photo courtesy of Paul Young (Australia), author of Willys Overland Knight Registry.
International, 1933, 10k and 17k photo of 1-ton 6-cyl. truck from Web Wheeler
International buses, 1932 photo (63k) of inaugural trip betwen Cityes Córdoba-Cruz del Eje in Córdoba State, Argentina, photo courtesy of Fernando Vaschetti (Maquetas de transportes), Argentina.
International, 1931, 11k photo of pickup from Trader Online
International, 1930, 95k photo of truck from Hemmings Motor News
International, 1930, 15k photo of 1-ton truck from Trader Online
International, 1928, 12k image of dump truck from Kruse International
International, 1928, 18k photo of 1-ton truck from Hemmings Motor News
International, 1928, 10k image of fire truck from Net-A-Car
International 54, 1927, 29k image
International, 1927, 20k photo of 4-cyl. stake truck from eBay
International S24, 1927, 15k photo of 4-cyl. grain truck from eBay
International 2-ton, 1918, 25k image
International Peddlers Wagon, 1912, 2 cyl., 42k photo
International high wheel, 1908, 64k photo of pickup from Kruse International
International bus, 19??, 40k b/w image.
Some post-1945 models:
International golden jubilee custom pickup, 1957, 38k photo from the owner - Arthur Foster from LaGrange, Georgia, USA.
Steve Tait from New Zealand sent me this photo of WW2 International tractor. Bob Graham helped us (thanks, Bob!) and confirmed that this is ex-softtop M-5-6 model with domestic-built cab.
Thanks a lot to Albert Kopans (Canada) and Pat De Moss (Kokomo, Indiana, USA) for powerful assistance.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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