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1947-1956 ZMA, Zavod Malolitrazhnyh Avtomobilei, Moscow, USSR,
1956-1968 MZMA, Moskovskiy Zavod Malolitrazhnyh Avtomobilei.
Before 1941 - KIM plant.
Russian version of this page is more detailed.
Moskvich-400 and 401, 1947-1956
Moskvich-402, 1956-1958, 4-door 4-light sedan
Moskvich-423 (423N), 1957-1958 (-1963), 5-door 402 (407) universal
Moskvich-410 (410N), 1957-1958 (-1961), 4WD 402 (407)
Moskvich-407, 1958-1963, 4-door 4-light sedan
Moskvich-411, 1958-1961, 4WD 423N
Moskvich-403, 1962-1965, 4-door 4-light sedan
Moskvich-424, 1962-1965, 5-door universal 403
Moskvich-403E, 1962-1965, 4-door 4-light export sedan, 22k image from Autoclassic magazine, Hungary and 54k rearview
Moskvich-424E, 1962-1965, 5-door export universal 403E
Moskvich-408 (page in Russian), 1964-1969(-1975), 4-door 4-light sedan
Moskvich-426, 1966?-1975, 5-door universal 408, 49k b/w image.
Moskvich-412, 1967-1975, 4-door 4-light sedan, 40k b/w image
Moskvich-427, 1967-1975, 5-door universal 412
  Moskvich-415, 1959-1961, experimental 4WD, 42k b/w image and 59k image
  Moskvich-416, 1959-1961, experimental 4WD, 27k drawing
  Moskvich-421, 1949?, ? built, 5-door woody M-400, 74k photo from Avto Kaleydoscope, SPB, Russia.
  Moskvich-403E-424 sedan, 1949, 6(?) built
  Moskvich-403E-424E coupe, 1951, 2 built, sport, 43k drawing
  Moskvich-Sport 404, 1954, 1 built, sport, re-engined in 1959, 36k drawing
  Moskvich-G1-405, 1955, 1 built, racing, re-engined in 1961, 32k drawing
  Moskvich-G2-407, 1956, 1 or 2 built, racing, re-engined in 1959, 16k drawing
  Moskvich-A9, 1957, 1 built, minibus, 35k drawing
  Moskvich-444, 1958, 3rd prototype for ZAZ-965, 35k drawing
  Moskvich-G3, 1961, 1 built, racing, re-built in 1962, 24k photo from Lev Shugurov's archive.
  Moskvich-407 coupe, 1962, 2 built, sport, 27k drawing
  Moskvich-G4, 1963, 3 built, racing, re-built in 1966, 1968, 17k drawing
  Moskvich-408 tourist, 1964, 2 built, removable hard-top, 24k drawing. All the drawings on this page are by artist A.Zaharov and printed in Za Rulyom magazine, Russia, and "Avtomobili Rossiji i SSSR" (Moscow, 1993) by Lev Shugurov, designer of numerous Moskvich sport cars.
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