Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. ZiS.
1 X 1931 - 26 VI 1956 Zavod imeni Stalina (Plant of Stalin's name), Moscow, USSR.
before 1 X 1931 - AMO, after 1956 - ZiL.
Russian version of this page is more detailed.
ZiS-5 board platforms, VI 1933 - 1941, 1942 - 1947 (86.0% of commercial ZiS in 1945)
ZiS-21, gas producer truck (9.3%), 15445 built (1938-1941), 276k photo, 60k photo
ZiS-5 based specialcars (3.1%) (non-ZiS bodies)
Others ( 1.6%)
  ZiS-16, 34-passenger 26-seater bus, 3250 built (1938-1941), 89k photo, 66k photo
  ZiS-11, long wheelbase ZiS-5 (1934-1941) chassis for fire engines, 72k photo
  ZiS-6, 3-axle ZiS-5 (1934-1941), 130k photo, 89k photo
  ZiS-42M (ZiS-22M, ZiS-42), half track ZiS-5, 6372 built (1942-1944), 72k photo, 158k photo
  ZiS-8, 21-passenger bus (1934-1936), 70k photo, 80k photo (2-door), 206k photo, 78k photo (rare 1-door)
  ZiS-8 bathhouse, 44k photo
  ZiS-12, long wheelbase ZiS-5 (1934-1938), 55k photo, 65k photo
  ZiS-5 bus by Krjukovo carriage plant, 53k photo
  ZiS-5 staff bus (left one), 201k photo
  BA-11 - armoured ZiS-34 (short wheelbase ZiS-6) (1940-1941), 16 built + 1939 prototype, 40k photo, 63k photo
  ZiS-3 - 76,2-mm field gun, main artillery gun of the Red Army in 1942-1945, 40k photo,
    built by another Zavod imeni Stalina, in Sormovo, 48016 built.

In WW2 time ZiS also assembled Studebaker-US6, International M-5-6 and GMC-CCKW(X)353, some of which arrived in boxes.

  Extremely rare and prototypes:
    ZiS-10, 1938-1941, ZiS-5 semitractor, 766 built, 59k photo
    ZiS-13, gas producer ZiS-14 (1936-1939), 2592 built, 142k photo, 52k photo
    ZiS-14, ZiS-12 with large tires, 823 built, 15k photo from Lev Shugurov's book
    ZiS-5E, 1934 prototype replacement for ZiS-5, 28k photo
    ZiS-5E, 1938 prototype replacement for ZiS-5, 58k photo
    ZiS-15, 1939 prototype replacement for ZiS-5, interrupted by the war, 198k photo
    ZiS-16S, ZiS-16 ambulance, 1941, 64k photo, 97k photo
    ZiS-17, 1939 prototype replacement for ZiS-16, interrupted by the war, 41k photo
    ZiS-18, gas producer version of ZiS-5
    ZiS-19 (S-1, SM-1), 1939-1946, dump truck version of ZiS-5
    ZiS-20, 1935-1936, experimental dump truck version of ZiS-5 with 3-sides dump
    ZiS-22, 1939 - 1941, half-track ZiS-5, 200 built, 67k photo, showed bad characteristics, many rebuilt back into ZiS-5, 100k photo.
    ZiS-23, ZiS-15 off-road 6x6, not built, seems ZiS-24 ... ZiS-28 were also projects only
    ZiS-24, ZiS-15 off-road
    ZiS-25, ZiS-15 gas producer
    ZiS-26, ZiS-15 semitractor
    ZiS-27, ZiS-15 dump truck
    ZiS-28, ZiS-15 gas producer with engine built on D7 Diesel base
    ZiS-30, 1938-1939, ZiS-5 compressed gas feeded, 15 built, 129k photo
    ZiS-30 is also Komsomolec with 57-mm ZiS-2 field gun, ca. 100 built for Moscow defence in Autumn 1941, plant 92, Sormovo, 54k X 1941 photo
    ZiS-31, gas producer like ZiS-21, but with charcoal unit NATI-G23
    ZiS-32, 1940-1941, 4x4 ZiS-5, 197 built, 82k photo of prototype NATI K-2 (1938)
    ZiS-33, 1940, half-track set for ZiS-5 of the Red Army, 4539 built, 43k 1941 photo, showed bad characteristics, rebuilt back to ZiS-5, 44k photo.
    ZiS-34, 1940-1941, short wheelbase ZiS-6 shassis, 16 built, all used for BA-11
    ZiS-35, modified ZiS-33, 92k photo, 39k photo, prototypes only
    ZiS-36, 6x6 version of ZiS-6, 1940, 2 prototypes
    ZiS-40, 1941, experimental ZiS-5 on liquified gas
    ZiS-41, 1940-1941, 1942-1944, ZiS-5 with G-69 gas producer
    ZiS-41, ZiS-22M based self-propelled armoured 57-mm gun, 1941, plant 92, Sormovo
    ZiS-44, 1943-1944, ZiS-5 ambulance, 517 built, 95k photo
    ZiS-101 ambulance version of ZiS-101, 94k photo
    ZiS-101 cinema producer's version, 105k photo
    ZiS-101A ambulance, 101k photo
    ZiS-101A ambulance by Aremkuz (post-war body), 127k photo
    ZiS-101A delivery van by Aremkuz (post-war body), 84k photo and 57k photo
    ZiS-150, 1944 prototype of ZiS-150, 33k photo
    ZiS-150A, 1944 4x4 prototype of ZiS-150, 37k photo
    ZiS-Lux, 3-axle prototype bus, 1934, 113k photo
    ZiS-5, 2-axle prototype bus, 1935, 58k photo
    ZiS-5, 2-axle prototype bus, 1936, 116k photo
    ZiS-AT-8, 1943, experimental half-track artillery tractor with 2 parallel ZiS-16 motors, 10 built, 39k photo
    ZiS-AT-3, 1943, 1-motor development of ZiS-AT-8, also unsuccessful in comparison with ZiS-42, 1 built, 199k photo
    ZiS-AT-14, 1943-1944, 2-motor development of ZiS-AT-8, 8(?) built
    B-3, 1943, armoured ZiS-AT-3, 1 built, 122k photo

Automobile production in USSR table.

Post-war models:
ZiS-S1 (ZiS-05) - ZiS-5 dump truck, 1947 - V 1948, built by MMZ, 71k photo, 56k photo, early version with 3 side stiffeners of body (112k photo)
ZiS-50 - ZiS-5 with ZiS-120 engine, 1946 - 26 IV 1948, 11480 built, externally as ZiS-5 but with longer bonnet, 31k photo of prototype, serial trucks (57k photo)
ZiS-110A - ZiS-110 ambulance, 1948-1958, 51k photo
ZiS-120N - ZiS-150 semitractor, 1956-1957, 82k photo
ZiS-121B - ZiS-151 semitractor, 1954-1958, 74k photo
ZiS-121D - ZiS-151 semitractor with 110 hp engine and screened electrics, 1955-1958, 222k photo
ZiS-127 - intercity bus, 1955-1960, 851 built, 62k photo, 176k photo
ZiS-150 - truck, 30 X 1947 - 7 X 1957, 774615 built
ZiS-150P - ZiS-150 chassis with 110 hp engine for PMZM-1 (47k photo) and PMZM-2 fire engines by Aremkuz, 1951-1954-1956
ZiS-150 bus - after the war Aremkuz rebuilt ZiS-16, 51k photo
ZiS-151 - 6x6 truck, 14 IV 1948 - 18 IX 1958, 149600 built
ZiS-151D - ZiS-151 with screened electrics, 1955-1958
ZiS-151P - ZiS-151 chassis with 110 hp engine for PMZM-3 (120k photo) fire engines by Aremkuz, 1953-1958, 77 built
BTR-152 (ZiS-152) - armored personnel carrier, 1947-1955, 4923 built, 67k photo
BTR-152A - anti-aircraft gun version of BTR-152, (1949) 1952-1955, 719 built
BTR-152V - BTR-152 with wheels pumping system, 1954-1959, 2904 built
BTR-152Je - anti-aircraft gun version of BTR-152V, 1955-1957, 160 built, 46k photo
BTR-152S - BTR-152V command post, 1955-1957(-1959 152S1), 272 built (152S + 152S1), 31k photo
ZiS-154 - bus, (prototype 8 XII 1946 -) summer 1947 - 1950, 1165 built, 40k photo, 161k photo
ZiS-155 - bus, V 1949 - 30 IX 1957, 21736 built, 139k photo, 101k photo
ZiS-156 - gas feeded truck, 1949-1957, 173k photo
ZiS-156A - gas feeded truck, 1955-1957, 1 tank of liquefied gas
ZiS-485 (BAV) - ZiS-151 based amphibia
ZiS-585 - dump truck, 1948-1957.
  ZiS-585 (1948-1949-1955), ZiS-585V (1955-1957), construction dump truck 1948-1949 (61k photo), after 1949 (77k photo), 182k photo
  ZiS-585SH (1954-1955), small series of agricultural dump truck with wooden platform, 123k photo
  ZiS-585Je (1955-1957), agricultural dump truck, 100k photo

  Extremely rare and prototypes:
    ZiS-110 cinema producer's version OASD-2, few built, 81k photo
    ZiS-110 hearse, 1 built, 83k photo
    ZiS-121V - ZiS-151 with single (not double) rear wheels, open cab and wheels pumping system, 1953, 3 built
    ZiS-125 - 5-ton ZiS-150, 1949, 1 built, the same as ZiS-150 but with simplified fenders
    ZiS-E127 - intercity bus, 1953, 4(?) different samples, 92k photo
    ZiS-127 prototype, 1954, 2 built, 112k photo, 63k photo
    ZiS-129 - city version of ZiS-127, 1955, 4 built, 57k photo
    ZiL-129B - modified ZiS-129, short wheelbase, middle door moved back, 1956, 1 built, 127k photo
    ZiS-128 - ZiS-151 based artillery tractor prototype, 1954-1956
    ZiS-128A - ZiS-128 platform truck prototype, 1954-1956
    ZiS-150 prototype, 1947, 71k photo
    ZiS-150M - attempt to improve ZiS-150, 1951, 5 different samples
    ZiS-150M - attempt to improve ZiS-150, 1954, 1 built, 76k photo
    ZiS-150V - attempt to improve ZiS-150, 1954, few built, many decisions were implemented on serial models, 21k photo
    ZiS-120R - chassis for ZiS-150V semitractor, 1955, prototype
    ZiS-120S - chassis for ZiS-150V dump truck, 1955, prototype
    ZiS-156B - ZiS-156 version of ZiS-150V, 1955, prototype
    ZiS-156V - ZiS-156A version of ZiS-150V, 1955, prototype
    ZiS-150ASN - ZiS-150 with NAMI-015U gas producer, 1952, 5 built
    ZiS-150UM - ZiS-150 with NAMI-015UM gas producer, 1954, 1 built
    ZiS-151 prototype, 1946, 41k photo, almost exact copy of International M-5-6
    ZiS-151 prototype, 1946, 24k photo
    ZiS-151A - ZiS-151 with single (not double) rear wheels, platform moved forward to the cab and 110 hp engine, 1953, 2 built, one of them with winch
    ZiS-151B - ZiS-151 with single (not double) rear wheels, 1955, 1 built
    ZiS-151V - ZiS-151 with 110 hp engine, 1955, 2 built, one of them with winch
    ZiS-151G - ZiS-151 with 110 hp engine and wheels pumping system, 1955, 2 built, 15k photo
    BTR-152B - BTR-152 command post, 1952-1953, experiment sample
    BTR-152D - BTR-152 quadruple anti-aircraft gun, 1952, 1954, 2 + 2 built
    ZiS-153, half-track experimental ZiS-151, 1949, 50k photo
    ZiS-153, half-track experimental ZiS-151, 1950, 148k photo
    ZiS-158, 1st prototype of ZiL-158, IV 1956, 2(?) built, 183k photo, 28k photo

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What else in the net:
Automobile models bureau of Igorj Denisovec. ZiL with materials from Jurii Vorobjjov.

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