Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. ZiS.
1 X 1931 - 1956 Zavod imeni Stalina (Plant of Stalin's name), Moscow, USSR.
before 1 X 1931 - AMO, after 1956 - ZiL.

ZiS-5 board platforms (86.0% of commercial ZiS in 1945) ZiS-21, gas generator truck ( 9.3%) ZiS-5 based specialcars, ( 3.1%) (non-ZiS bodies) Others ( 1.6%) ZiS-16, 34-passenger 26-seater bus (1938 - 1941)
ZiS-11, extra long wheelbase ZiS-5 (1934 - 1941)
ZiS-6, 3-axle ZiS-5 (1934-1941?)
ZiS-42, half track ZiS-5 (1942 - 1944)
ZiS-8, 21-passenger bus (1934 - 1936)
ZiS-12, long wheelbase ZiS-5 (1934-1938-?)
In WW2 ZiS also assembled Studebaker-US6, International M-5-6 and GMC-CCKW(X)353, some of which arrived in boxes.

Extremely rare and prototypes:
ZiS-10, 1934-1937, ZiS-5 semitractor
ZiS-13, gas producer ZiS-11 (1936-1938), 53k drawing by A. Zaharov from Lev Shugurov's book
ZiS-14, long base ZiS-5 (?-1934-?), 15k image from Lev Shugurov's book
ZiS-15, 1939 prototype replacement for ZiS-5, interrupted by the war, 47k drawing
ZiS-17, 1939 prototype replacement for ZiS-16, interrupted by the war, 56k drawing
ZiS-18, gas producer version of ZiS-15
ZiS-22, 1939 - 1941, half-track ZiS-5, 41k b/w photo
ZiS-23, 3-axle ZiS-15
ZiS-24, off-road ZiS-15
ZiS-26, semitractor ZiS-15
ZiS-30, 1941, gas feeded ZiS-5
ZiS-31, gas producer like ZiS-21, but with charcoal unit NATI-G23
ZiS-32, 1941, 4x4 Zis-5, 5k b/w photo
ZiS-33, 1940, half-track ZiS-5, 33k b/w photo
ZiS-35Sh, half-track ZiS-5, 39k b/w photo
ZiS-36, 6x6 version of ZiS-5, after 1936, prototype
ZiS-41, gas producer version of ZiS-5
ZiS-44, in war time, field ambulance version of ZiS-5
ZiS-101 ambulance version of ZiS-101
ZiS-150, 1944 prototype of ZiS-150
ZiS-150P, 1944 4x4 prototype of ZiS-150
ZiS-Lux, 3-axle prototype bus (?-1934-?), 89k drawing by A. Zaharov

Automobile production in USSR table.

Post-war models:
ZIS-S1 - ZIS-5 dump truck , 1947-1949
ZIS-50 - ZIS-5 with ZIS-150 engine, 1946-1951?
ZIS-110S - ZIS-110 ambulance , 1950s, 37k b/w image from 1955 "Ogonyok" magazine
ZIS-120N - ZIS-150 tractor , (1952)-1956-1957
ZIS-127 - bus , 1956-1960, 17k b/w photo + 77k b/w 1959 Turbo-NAMI-053
ZIS-150 - truck , 1947-1957
ZIS-151 - 6x6 truck , 1948-1958
ZIS-154 - bus , 1947-1950
ZIS-155 - bus, , 1949-1957
ZIS-150 Aremkuz - very rare even in 1950's bus, 23k image from "Za Rulyom"
ZIS-156 - gas cylinder truck , 1947-1957
ZIS-485 (BAV) - ZiS-151 based amphibia
ZIS-585 - dump truck , 1949-1957.
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