Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. IZh.
1939-1941, II 1946-now "Izhmash", Izhevsk, USSR.
XII 1928, 1934-1939 "Izhstalzavod".
IZh-7, IV 1934 - 1937, 1-cyl 2-stroke 292cc, 7hp
IZh-8, 1938-1940, 1-cyl 2-stroke 292cc, 8hp
IZh-9, 1940-1941, 1-cyl 2-stroke 345cc, 9hp, 16k photo (restored by Aleksei Popov, Riga)
IZh-12, 1941, 1-cyl 4-stroke OHV 348cc, 13,5hp
Rare and experimental models:
  NATI-A-750, 1933, V2, 747cc, 15hp, 4 built, 57k b/w photo from "Moto" magazine, Russia,
  IZh-1, 1928, own V2, 1200cc, 24hp, 1 built, 63k b/w photo
  IZh-2, 1928, own V2, 1200cc, 24hp, with sidecar wheel drive and ventilator cooling, 1 built
  IZh-3, 1928, Wanderer V2, 750cc, 1 built
  IZh-4, 1928, Stock 1-cyl 2-stroke with cardan, 1 built
  IZh-5, 1928, Neander 500cc with own frame and fork, 1 built
Post-war models:
  IZh-350, 1946-1951, 127090 built
  IZh-350S, (?-1949-1951), 71k b/w photo (1949) courtesy of Tarmo Riisenberg (Estonia).
  IZh-50, 1950-1954?, sport, 51k photo from "Moto" magazine, Russia,
  one more IZh-50, 80k old photo courtesy of Tarmo Riisenberg (Estonia).
  one more IZh-50, 118k old photo from Molotok.ru (Russia).
  IZh-49, 1951-1958, 507603 built
  IZh-54, 1954-?, flat-road sport, 18hp
  IZh-55, 1954-?, cross sport, 16hp
  IZh-56, 1955-1962, 677428 built,
  IZh-Jupiter, 1961-1966, 447747 built,
  IZh-Planeta, 1962-1967, 405303 built, 50k photo from "Moto" magazine, Russia,
  IZh-Jupiter-2, 1965-1971, 246486 built,
  IZh-Planeta-2, 1965-1971, 766487 built.
  Rare and experimental models:
    IZh-344A, racing 350cc, 36hp, 27k photo from the owner - Kenneth Botvidzon (Sweden)
    IZh-61K, cross sport 1-cyl
    IZh-57-2M, sport, ?-1960
    IZh-60-2M, sport, 1961-?
    IZh-Saturn, 250cc
    IZh-Orion, 350cc 2-cyl.
    IZh-Sirius, 350cc 2-cyl.
What else in the net:
"Izhmash", official site (in Russian/English).
Strona poswiecona zabytkowym motocyklom marki Ij (po Polsku) - strona Piotreka ("Zulusa") (Lublin, Poland).
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