Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. NSU (only pre-1945 here).
1938-1944, 1945-1968-?, NSU Vereinigte Fahrzeugwerke AG., Neckarsulm, Germany.
1933-1937, NSU-D-Rad Vereinigte Fahrzeugwerke A. - G..
?-1925-1933, NSU Vereinigte Fahrzeugwerke AG..
1901-19??, Neckarsulmer Fahrradwerke AG..
NSU motor for bicycle, 1-cyl, 63cc, ?-1931-?, 92k photo, (on Tudor bicycle).
NSU Herren (man) bicycle with MAW motor, 1-cyl, ?cc, 1928, 14k b/w photo.
NSU-Quick, 1-cyl 2-stroke 97cc, 1936-1943, 1945-1949
NSU Pony 100, 1-cyl 2-stroke 100cc, 1937-1940, 16k photo, 15k photo, both -1939.
NSU-125ZDB, 1-cyl, 2-stroke 123cc, 4hp, 1940-1941-?, 92k photo.
NSU-201OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 198cc OHV, 1940-19??
NSU-201OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 200cc OHV, 1934-1939, 24k photo of 1937 NSU 201OSL
NSU-201ZDB, 1-cyl 2-stroke 198cc, 1935-1940
NSU-201ZD Pony, 1-cyl 2-stroke 198cc, 1934-1936, 26k photo (1936)
NSU-201TS, 1-cyl, 4-stroke ?cc SV, ?-1931-?, 12k b/w photo of 1931 NSU 201TS
NSU Pony, 1-cyl, ?cc, 1928, 15k b/w photo.
NSU-251OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 242cc OHV, 1936-1942, ?-1947-1951
NSU-251S, 1-cyl 249cc OHV, 10hp, 1927-1929
NSU-301T, 1-cyl, 4-stroke ?cc, 1929-1930, 19k b/w photo
NSU-301TS, 1-cyl, 4-stroke ?cc, ?-1929-?, 13k b/w and 17k b/w photo
NSU-351OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 346cc OHV, 1940-19??
NSU-351OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 346cc OHV, 1934-1939
NSU-351OT, 1-cyl, 331cc OHV, ?-1936-1937-?, 101k (1937), 43k photo (1936 of Ilkka Lillukkamäki)
NSU-351TS, 1-cyl, 4-stroke ?cc SV, ?-1933-?, 20k photo of 1933 NSU 351TS
NSU-351SSR, 1-cyl, 348cc, 1937, 110k photo
NSU-351 renn, 1-cyl, 348cc, 193?, 37k b/w old photo
NSU-501OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc OHV, 22hp, 1940-19??
NSU-501OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc OHV, 22hp, 1934-1940, 100k civilian, 66k Wehrmacht (both 1938)
NSU-501OS, 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc OHV, 20hp, 1932-1934
NSU-501T, 1-cyl, 4-stroke 494cc SV, 11hp, 1927-1929, 13605 built, 70k photo
NSU-501TS, 1-cyl, 4-stroke 494cc SV, ?-1930-1935?, 102k photo of 1930 NSU 501TS
NSU-501 renn "Bullus", 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc, ?hp, 1936, 14k photo
NSU-501SS "RENN", 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc, ?hp, 1934-1935, 40k photo of 1935 NSU 500SS
NSU-501SS (Super Sport), 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc, ?hp, 1930-1931
NSU-501S "sport", 1-cyl 4-stroke, 494cc?, ?hp, 1928, 11k photo
NSU-601OSL, 1-cyl 4-stroke 562cc OHV, 1938-1940
NSU-601TS, 1-cyl 4-stroke, 592cc SV, ?hp, 1934-1935
NSU-750, 2-cyl, 746cc, 1927 - ?, 66k drawing
NSU HK-101, half-track, 1940-1945

Pre-1927 models:
NSU-750, 2-cyl, 746cc, 1925, 61k photo, restorer - Horst Lutz, Germany.
NSU, 2-cyl, ?cc, 1913, 69k b/w photo.
NSU 2,5 PS, 2-cyl. IOE, 312cc, 1909, 23k photo.

Some post-war motorcycles:
  1952 NSU Quick, 8k image, this bike is for sale. E-mail: Mario Belamaric, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
  1956 NSU Super Fox, 39k photo courtesy of Ing. Florencio Quiroz Lopez de Lara, Mexico city.
  1962 NSU Lux (200cc), 17k photo courtesy of Drazen Cosic, Samobor, Croatia.
  1964 Pretis Maxi (175cc), built by Pretis (Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) by NSU license,    10k photo courtesy of Drazen Cosic, Samobor, Croatia.

NSU Indexes:
B - Blockmotor
D - Doppelauspuff (twin exhaust)
HK - Halbketten (half-track)
L - Luxus
O - Obengesteuert (OHV)
R - Riemenantrieb (belt drive)
S - Sport
SS - Super Sport
T - Touren (usually it means SV-motor)
OT - Obengesteuert (OHV) Touren
TS - Touren Satteltank (saddletank)
Z - Zweitakt (2-stroke)

Photos are from:
Svet Motoru magazine, CSSR.
Rex Schneider (Cottbus, Germany).
Riga Motormuseum.
"Stare motocykle" book by Juraj Porazik, artist - Jan Oravec, Warsaw, 1984.
Mobile.de, Germany.
Civilian 1938 NSU 501OSL is for sale on the NSU Scandinavia site.
Investment Bikes, the Netherlands.
Ilkkas paradise, pages of Ilkka Lillukkamäki, Manta, Finland (1936 NSU 351OT).
eBay Deutschland.
"Motorrad-Markt" magazine, Germany.
Klassisk Bil & MC, Danmark.
1909 NSU for sale on Euroteh-Gas, Yugoslavia.

What else in the net:
Die homepage von Andreas Jankowitsch, Germany (in German/English).
NSU Scandinavia, all-Scandinavian site (in Swedish/German/English), very recommended.
Ilkkas paradise, pages of Ilkka Lillukkamäki, Manta, Finland (Suomeksi), few oldtimer NSU there.
Some information has been kindly supplied by Egon Admann from Long Island, NY, USA, and by Josep Sanz Guillen, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. See also his BMW-R35 site.
Many data were supplied by my friend Evgeniy Pevzner, Moscow.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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