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Zavod imeni Lihachova (former ZIS), Moscow (Plant named after Lihachov), Russia, USSR.

Automobile production in USSR table.

ZIL-164, 1957-1961-1964, basal 4x2 truck
ZIL-(MMZ)-585, 1957-1961-1965, 4x2 dump truck on ZIL-164 base
ZIL-485(A) (BAV) - ZiL-151/Zil-157 based amphibia
ZIL-166, 1957-1961-1963, 4x2 gas fuel ZIL-164 based truck
ZIL-157, 1958-1961-at least 1991, 6x6 truck
ZIL-158, 1957-1959 (in 1959-1970 - LiAZ-158, since 1961 - LiAZ158V), 62-passenger bus
ZIL-118 "Junost", 1962-1965, 18-seater government bus and ambulance Zil-118M
ZIL-130, 1964-1981-at least 1992, basal 4x2 truck
ZIL-(MMZ)-555, 1965-1981-at least 1992, 4x2 dump truck on ZIL-130 base
ZIL-131, 1967-at least 1991, 6x6 truck
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