Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. YaAZ.
Yaroslavskiy AvtoZavod, Yaroslavl, USSR.

YaG-6, 1936-1942, basal model, no pictures on this page
YaS-3, 1936-1941, dump truck on YaG-6 base, 4k b/w image only from Lev Shugurov's book
YaG-4, 1934-1936, basal model, no pictures on this page
YaG-10, 1932-1941, 3-axles truck, 4k b/w image only from Lev Shugurov's book
YaS-1, 1934-1936, dump truck on YaG-4 base, 9k b/w image only
YaG-3, 1932-1934, basal model
Ya-5, 1929-1934, basal truck, 11k b/w image only
YaA-2, 1934, experimental bus, 56k b/w image only from Liucijus Suslavicius's book
YaG-12, 1932, experimental 4-axles, 12k b/w image only
YaG-7, 1939, experimental basal truck, only 40k drawing by A.Zaharov from "Za Rulyom" magazine
YaS-4, 1939, experimental dump truck, only 9k b/w image

Post-war models:
YaAZ-200, 1947-1950 - basal truck, 10k b/w image only
YaAZ-210, 1951-1958 - basal 6x4 truck (YaAZ-210A - almost the same, but with winch,)
YaAZ-210G, 1951-1958 - 6x4 ballast tractor, 36k b/w and 8k b/w photo
YaAZ-210D, 1951-1958 - 6x4 saddle tractor, 37k image, courtesy of Jan First from Switzerland.
YaAZ-210E, 1951-1958 - 6x4 dump truck, 50k b/w photo
YaAZ-219, 1959-? - basal 6x4 truck
YaAZ-214, 1960-? - basal 6x6 truck, 10k b/w image only
YaAZ-221, 1960-? - 6x4 tractor
YaAZ-222, 1959-? - 6x4 dump truck
Many of these pictures were supplied by Alexander Andryushin, thanks a lot.
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