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30k image of ZIS-8

Years of production: 1934 - 1936
4x2 , 21-passenger ZIS-5 based bus
Overall amount: 547
Engine: 73hp/2300rpm, 6-cyl, 5555cc
Cylinder diameter/movement: 101.6/114.3 mm
Length: 7370mm, width: 2300mm, height: 2750mm
Wheelbase: 4421mm, clearance: 250mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds
Weight: 4200 kg
Maximal speed: 60 km/h
Tyres: 34x7 inches
Petrol consumption: ? L/100km

Seems, the bus is completely extincted, I only can point to few places of their low possibility existance. Now there is only very well done copy of ZIS-8, which can be seen in "Meeting place is unchangeable" movie. If you know anything of spare parts for the bus (or may be whole bus?!) please let me know.
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