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44k 1940 photo of old ZiS-1664k 1940 photo of old ZiS-1637k 1941-1944 photo of ZiS-16

Years of production: 1938 - 1941
4x2 , 34-passenger 26-seater ZIS-5
based bus
Overall production: ?, completely(?)
Engine: 85hp/2600rpm, 6-cyl. SV, 5555cc
Bore/Stroke: 101,6/114,3 mm
38k 1941-1944 photo with row of ZiS-16 on the background69k 1940 photo of ZiS-16(?) interiorLength: 8525mm, width: 2400mm, height: 2800mm
Wheelbase: 4970mm
Road clearance: 270mm
Gearbox: 4 speed
Weight: 5100 kg
Maximal speed: 65 km/h
Tyres: 36x8 inches
Fuel consumption: 37,0 L/100km
95k 1941-1944 photo with row of ZiS-16 on the left30k photo of ZiS-16 and ZiS-8If you know about any parts for ZiS-16 (or may be whole bus?!),
please let me know.
Photos are from:
Museum of GK "Mosgortrans",
Mihajil Yegorov (Moscow),
Yevgenii Smirnov (Moscow-Kiev),
Memoirs of Great Patriotic War veterans,
Archive of Veteran Council of Karjalan Front.
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