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33k image of UralZIS-21A
ZIS-21, 21A

Years of production: 1939 - 1941, (1946 - 1952 - UralZiS-21A)
4x2 2500 kg ZIS-5 based gas generator truck
Engine: 45hp/2400rpm, 6-cyl, 5555cc
10k image of 1950 UralZIS-21ABore/Stroke: 101.6/114.3 mm
Length: 6090mm, width: 2260mm, height: 2260mm
Wheelbase: 3810mm, clearance: 245mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds
Weight: 3700 kg
Maximal speed: 45 km/h
Tyres: 34x7 inches
Firewood consumption: ?
1st 33k picture of UralZiS-21A is from Za rulyom magazine (N 11, 1996), Russia.
2nd 10k picture of 1950 UralZiS-21A was sent by my friend Alexandr Andryushin
In 1952 - 1955 UralZIS produced modified, but of the same outer sight, model UralZIS-352 or ZIS-352. Gas generator trucks were low power and speed, of difficult service and wake up, but under absence of petrol they became unsubstitutable in forest north regions. They were on long term service in wood-provider enterprises in 1950s and I hope somewhere in vast Russia somebody will find gas generator ZIS or UralZIS yet. The last UralZIS-352 I learnt about too late has been sent to scrap metal in 1982.
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