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67k photo of ZIL-111G39k photo of 1965 ZIL-111G

Years of production: 1963-1967
Overall amount: 112 units (including ZIL-111)
Body: 7-seater 4-door limousine or cabriolet (ZIL-111D)
Engine: 220hp/4200rpm, V8-cyl, 4-stroke 5,996cc
Compression ratio: 10,5 : 1
Bore/Stroke: 100/95mm
55k photo of ZIL-111D47k photo of Yurii Gagarin (2nd from the right) in ZIL-111DLength: 6140mm, width: 2040mm, height: 1640mm
Wheelbase: 3760mm
Front wheel track: 1570mm
Rear track: 1650mm
Rear axle road clearance: 208mm
Turning radius (by outer fron wheel track): 7,5m
Gearbox: 2 speed with hydrotransformer, automatical
46k photo of ZIL-111D48k photo of ZIL-111DWeight (dry): 2450 kg
Maximal speed: 170 km/h
Tyres: 8,90-15 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 76 L
Fuel consumption: 29.0 L/100km
Price: government limousine, not for sale
34k photo of ZIL-111D31k photo of ZIL-111DThis car has been created for government and communist leaders. Almost all limousines have been painted in black.
Cabriolets weren't too numerous in comparison with limousines, as it
possibly seems from this page photos.
Photos are from:
99k photo of pre-series ZIL-111GLeslie Sheldon (Scotland), (39k photo of 1965 ZIL-111G from Rigas Motormuzejs, Latvia),
The archive of automobile journalist Denis Orlov, Moscow,
Igor Guzienko, Kiev,
Za Ruljom magazine, Russia,
Archive of the NAMI,
George Koopman (the Netherlands).
hanks for help to Fredrik (Sweden).
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