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23k image of 1960-1963 Moskvich-40720k image of 1960-1963 Moskvich-407

Years of production: 1958-1960-1963
Overall production: ? units
Engine: 407, 45hp/4500rpm, 4-cyl, 4-stroke OHV, 1360cc
Bore/Stroke: 76/75 mm
Length: 4055mm, width: 1540mm, height: 1560mm
Wheelbase: 2370mm
Gearbox: 3 speeds + rear, since (I 1960) - 4 speeds + rear
99k image of 1958-1962 Moskvich-40736k image of 1963 Moskvich-407Weight: 990 kg
Maximal speed: 115 km/h
Tyres: 5,60-15 inches
Fuel capacity: 35 L
Fuel consumption: 6.5 L/100km
Price: ?
One image is from Autoclassic magazine.
86k image of 1958-1960 Moskvich-407Thanks for help and photos to Jan Paulsen from Lillehammer, Norway, Jan is the owner of few Moskvich cars and big admirer of this make.
One image is from Avtofoto 2005.
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