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65k image of BMW-R20

Years of production: (1936 - ) 1937 - 1938
Overall amount: about 5000 units
Engine: model - 220/1, 4-tact 8hp/5400rpm, 1-cyl, 192cc
56k image of BMW-R20Bore/Stroke: 60/68 mm
Compression ratio: 6 : 1
Length: 2000mm, width: 800mm, height: 920mm
Wheelbase: 1330mm
Carburettor: 1 Amal Fischer CA, M 74/428 or Bing AJ 1/2032
Ignition: Bosch Ignition-coil SSM 501/1Z
Gearbox: 3 speed
Weight: 130 kg
Maximal speed: 95 km/h
Tyres: 19 x 3 inches
Rims: 19" x 2.50, 36 spokes
Fuel capacity: 12 L
Fuel consumption: 2.75 L/100km
First 65k picture is from "Stare motocykle" book by Juraj Porazik, artist - Jan Oravec, Warsaw, 1984.
Second 52k image and some data are courtesy of Huub Wellink, Groenlo, the Netherlands, see also his homepage information of BMW-R35 (in Dutch).
Thanks for corrections to Ton Goossens, Netherlands.
Giorgos Argirakis from Greece is seeking for fotos from the manual and the electric diagramme for BMW R20.
If you can help, send a message to argiraki@otenet.gr or argiraki@hotmail.com. Thanks! (11 X 2000)
If you have to add, ask or correct me, you are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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