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26k image of BMW-R5

Years of production: 1936 - 1937
Overall production: 2652 examples
Engine: Type 254/1: two-cylinder flat twin fourstroke 26hp/5800rpm, 494cc
Bore/Stroke: 68/68 mm
30k image of BMW-R5Compression Ratio: 6,7:1
Valve System: by pushrods
Valve mechanisme: by pushrods and rocker
Ignition: generator battery ignition
Dynamo: ignition
Ignition timing: by hand
Spark plugs: Bosch W 225 T 1
Engine lubrication system: force-feed circulation oiling
Oilpump: geared oil pump
Carburetors: two Amal 5/423 right and left
Clutch: single-disc dry clutch
Gearbox: 250/1
Number of front gears: 4
Gearbox ratios: I=1:3,6 II=1:2,28 III=1:1,7 IV=1:1,3
Shifting: gear shift pedal and additional hand-lever
Transmission from gearbox to rearwheel: drive-shaft with spiral bevel gear and flexible disc Hardy
Final drive ratio: 1:3,89 Solo; 1:4,62 side car
Type of frame: 250/1
Frame: Closed triangle twin-loop frame out of oval section tube welded and bolted
Suspension - front: telescopic fork with hydraulik shock absorber and helical compression springs; rear: rigid
Brakes, both front and rear: internal shoe brake
Rims: 3 x 19"
Tyres: 3,5 x 19" SS-Tyres
Dimensions: Length: 2130 mm, Width: 800 mm, Height: 950 mm
Unladen weight: 165 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 15 l
Engine oil: approx. 2 l
Standard fuel consumption: 3-3,5 l/100 km Solo, 3,5-4 l/100km with sidecar
Top speed: 135-140 km/h
Frame no.: 1936: 8001-9504; 1937: 500001-503085
Engine no.: 1936: 8001-9504; 1937: 500001-502786
Retail prize: 1550,- RM
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