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118k WW2 photo of Wehrmacht DKW-NZ35090k 1947 photo of civilian 1940 DKW-NZ35027k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350 in USSR
DKW NZ350, NZ350-1
(data for Wehrmacht version)
Years of production: 1939-1943-1945
Overall production: 45000
+ 12000 NZ350-1 (Wehrmacht version)
Engine: 11,5hp/4000rpm, 1-cyl.,
2-stroke SV 346cc
Bore/Stroke: 72/85 mm
Compression ratio: 5,7 : 1
Carburettor: Amal M 76/426, Bing AJ 2/24, Graetzin H24; 24 mm
Slit valves
Length: 209cm, width: 75cm, saddle height: 70cm
Wheelbase: 1355mm, road clearance: 12cm
20k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350-161k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350 and T-3424k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350-1Gearbox: 4-speed, foot change
Pressed steel frame
Parallelogram front fork
Weight: 145 kg (aluminium block)
Maximal speed: 105 km/h
Tyres: 3,25-19 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 14 Ltr.
Fuel consumption: 3,3 L/100km
46k WW2 photo of Luftwaffe DKW-NZ350 in Weimar40k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350 (on the left)46k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350 and NSUAfter the war the equipment for DKW
NZ350 production has been moved to
Izhevsk (USSR) and this bike appeared
again in 1946-1951 under IZh-350
trademark. IZh-350 total production was
127090 bikes.

What else in the net:
38k WW2 photo of DKW NZ350 and Zuendapp KS75050k WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350 and NSU49k WW2 photo of Wehrmacht DKW-NZ350Very informative DKW-NZ350 site of Nicola Dimitrov, Bulgaria (in English)

Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Egon Admann from Long Island, NY,
USA. 90k 1947 family photo shows his parents in Germany and on the two 1951 91k and 85k side photos is civilian 1940
DKW NZ350. Egon restores this bike now (1998).
46k WW2 photo of Wehrmacht DKW-NZ35085k 1951 photo of civilian 1940 DKW-NZ35091k 1951 photo of civilian 1940 DKW-NZ350WW2 photo of DKW-NZ350

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