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20k photo of 1939 Zündapp-K50089k image of Zündapp-K50028k photo of Zündapp-K500
Zündapp-K500 (data for K500W (military))

Years of production: 1933-1940 (K500W - 1934-1939)
Overall production: ? units
Engine: 16hp(civilian - 12,5hp)/4800rpm, opposite SV 2-cyl, 4-stroke 498cc
Bore/Stroke: 69/66,6 mm
Compression ratio: 5,8:1
Length: 2150mm, width: 815mm, height: 900mm, saddle height: 72cm
Wheelbase: 1390mm, road clearance: 13cm (civilian, by other source 110mm for Wehrmacht version)
97k photo of 1939 Zündapp-K50048k photo of 1939 Zündapp-K50055k photo of 1939 Zündapp-K500Carburetter: Amal 4/407 S (later Amal 3/418) or Bing AJF 2/22
Battery: Bosch, 6V, 7 Ah
Gearbox: 4 speed
Ratios: I - 3,00; II - 1,92; III - 1,15; IV - 0,95
Rear axle ratios: solo - 5,57 (7:39), sidecar version - 6,33 (6:38)
Weight: 188 kg
Maximal speed: 105 km/h (K500W solo - 100 km/h, with sidecar - 85 km/h)
86k photo of 1939 Zündapp-K500 (strange rear light)81k image of Zündapp-K500W47k photo of 1937 Zündapp-K500Tyres: 3,50 or 4,00x19 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 12,5 L
Fuel consumption: 4,5 L/100km (K500W - 5 L/100km solo, 6 L/100km with sidecar)
Photos are from:
MC-Veteranerna Klubben, Kristianstad, Sweden,
Tilman Werner's book "Von Ardie bis Zuendapp" (Stuttgart, 1993),
"German Motorcycles in World War II" By Schiffer Military, written by Stefan Knittel,
Vladimir Kolotovkin (Moscow, Club RKKA, VARS),
Klassisk Bil & MC,
Bo Monwell, owner of this 1937 Zündapp K500 with sidecar (http://www.gewall.x.se/), Gävle, Sweden,
Petter Nessimo (Stjørdal, Norway), his father owns this pictured 1939 Zündapp K500 (V-19651).
Thanks a lot to Egon Admann from Long Island, NY, USA.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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