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Years of production: 1932 - (1938) - 1942 - 1943 - 1944 - 1946, (26 X 1947 - 1950 - UAZ)
4x2 1500 kg truck
Overall amount: more than 1 million units
Engine: 40hp/2200rpm, 4-cyl, carburettor, 4-stroke, 3285cc
Bore/Stroke : 98.43/107.95mm
Compression rate: 4.2:1
13k image of GAZ-AAGearbox: 4 speeds + 1 rear
Length: 5335mm; width: 2040mm; height: 1970mm
Inner platform dimensions: 2450mm x 1870mm
Wheelbase: 3340mm , rear axis clearance: 200mm
Frontwheels gauge: 1405mm
Rearwheels gauge: 1600mm
Turning radius: 7.5 m
Clutch: single disk, dry
Mechanical brakes
Tyres: 6.50-20 inches.
Fuel capacity: 40 L
Weight: 1810 kg
Maximal speed (highway, loaded): 70 km/h
Fuel consumption: 20.5 L/100km
GAZ-AAGAZ-AA on the icy "Way of Life" on Lake Ladoga, the only and also dangerous road to sieged Leningrad. The road, especially it's nineth kilometer, was under frequent fire of German aviation and artillery. Besides, many trucks went down merely because of thin ice. Drivers of these light trucks saved thousands of Leningrad people from hunger during the cold winters of 1941/1942/1943.
This pre-war vehicle has had all "additional weight" removed.
This Picture and the pictures below were taken from "Za rulyom" magazine.

war ways1941, the people go inland and GAZ trucks pick up their cargo for the army. The trucks are GAZ-AA, GAZ-AA van and GAZ-AAA. There is wooden or metal sheet instead of glass in the door of first truck. I saw the same on few war pictures.

32k image of 1943 GAZ-AA15k image of 1943 GAZ-AAIn 1943 due to the lack of materials the truck was seriously simplified. Its cabin roof became soft and the fenders flat, The truck was supplied with only one headlight, only rear axle brakes, only the rear board was openable, no bumper, and so on. Some of the trucks were supplied even with tarpauline doors, later replaced by wooden ones. "Cabriolimousine"-type cabin replaced metal one until the end of production in 1950. Right picture shows production line of GAZ. Simultaneously GAZ assembled Chevrolet G7107 and G7117 (G7107 with winch) from parts shipped from the USA according to Lend Lease agreement.

click for fullsize 67kBIn 1949 GAZ finished the production of this model , but in 1949 - 1950 this truck was produced at the UAZ plant in Ulianovsk (see picture).

24k image of 1932 GAZ-AAThis picture shows the very first 1932 GAZ-AA.

In 1929 the first trucks Ford-AA and cars Ford-A were built in Nizhny Novgorod from parts shipped from the USA. In parallel a new automobile plant began to grow in Nizhny Novgorod (since 1932 Gorky). The name GAZ stands for Gorky Automobile Zavod (Plant). In January of 1932 the first GAZ-AA truck (almost a copy of the Ford-AA) was produced in the new plant. At the very beginning their cabins were wooden. In 1938 the new model appeared. GAZ-MM was exactly GAZ-AA supplied with GAZ-M1 engine. But I didn't meet GAZ-MM name in all reference guides and Militia documents issued before 1948-1949, when this name appeared in enormous amount. This truck was the main automobile in the Red Army in the first two years of 1941-1945 war together with ZIS-5. The disadvantage of these two models was that they were more than 10 years old. But their advantages were doubtlessly in their simplicity, ability to run on pure quality fuel and also simplification of models in the Red Army: only having two truck models in all. So this GAZ-AA truck is a very famous and respected vehicle in the Soviet Union. For its 1.5 tonne cargo capacity, people called it "Polutorka" ("poltora" means one and a half).
GAZ-AA and all of their modifications disappeared from our roads at the beginning of 1960s. The Russian people were prohibited to own trucks and even pickups until 1986 and disabled "polutorki" were mercilessly used as scrap metal. In the 1970-80's it was fashionable to install them (and ZIS trucks either) everywhere as monuments. Of course this is better than destruction, but they were seriously corroded by the weather. Nevertheless the standard GAZ-AA is not too rare even now, because of the enormous amount produced.
Thanks a lot to Chris Pitman (Woombye, Queensland, Australia) for his thorough text correction work and for the image of GAZ production line in WWII.
The rest photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Molotok Auction (Moscow).
Denis Orlov, automobile historian, Moscow.
Vidas Grigorajtis (Vilnius).
Sergei Jermolaev (Krasnojarsk).
41k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA31k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA42k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, T-26, Citroën 1137k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, FAMO F3, Ford Köln

33k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, Kiev(?)22k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, Caucasus81k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA and BT tank83k 1936 photo of GAZ-AA of hospital in Bogotol, Krasnojarsk region

69k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and HTZ Kommunar48k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA69k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and 45-mm anti-tank gun36k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA, T-34, mEPkw

45k 11 X 1941 photo of GAZ-AA, S-65, STZ-5 taken by soldiers of German 11 Pz. Div., Vjasma - Moscow direction54k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, T-34, Mercedes-Benz L3000, Bessarabia80k 9 X 1941 photo of GAZ-AA taken by soldiers of German 11 Pz. Div., Vjasma - Moscow direction38k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and M3A3

87k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and SS-soldiers54k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, Smolensk48k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA with high boards34k WW2 photo of column: GAZ-AA, S-65, ZiS-5, Komsomolec, GAZ M-1

32k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and ZiS-524k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA16k WW2 photo of Red Cross GAZ-AA13k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA and Citroën T23, southern USSR

83k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, S-60, Mercedes-Benz 170V, leEPkw32k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA of Luftwaffe127k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and BT tank77k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA and STZ-5

42k VII 1941 photo of GAZ-AA and BMW R6 or R51 or R66, Karjala30k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA61k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA, near Rogachov, Mogiljov region53k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA (right), ZiS-5 (left), near Rogachov, Mogiljov region

13k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA94k factory photo of new GAZ-AA production78k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA, ZiS-5, GAZ-M-415, near Rogachov, Mogiljov region39k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA of German 14 Inf. Div.

76k 1932 photo of NAZ-AA57k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA of 10 Gren. Regt. of 9 Pz. Div., Ljubomlj, Volynj region81k photo of post-war GAZ-AA (Krasnojarsk)14k 1941 photo of GAZ-AA, USSR

34k photo of 1943 GAZ-AA

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