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106k image of Ford AA fire engine

Years of assembling in USSR: 1929 - at least 1931
4x2 1500 kg truck
For perfomance see GAZ-AA
They have been assembled in Gorkiy from Ford shipped parts until 1932, when neighbour new plant GAZ began to produce Soviet Fords - GAZ-AA and GAZ-A.
The trucks shown here are not of Soviet assembly.
19k image of 1930 Ford AA, tank truckFirst 106k image of fire truck is courtesy of Chris Pitman, Woombye, Queensland, Australia. Have a look to his GAZ album. You'll find there many rare photos of 1930-40's GAZ and USSR-Ford agreement.
Jerry Beverage sent me 2nd image of 1930 Ford-AA based tank truck.
He and his sons have Stillwater Safety Line car repair and service company in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA, and their hobby is old cars. You will find some on their server.
Three images on the bottom have been kindly sent by Ken and Nancy Manninen, Ken is Ford-A and AA admirer from Hancock, Michigan, USA (these trucks aren't his, but Ken owns Fords too).
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