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18k photo of 1936 GAZ-AAA anti-aircraft mashine gun28k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAA radio bus28k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAA anti-aircraft mashine gun

Years of production: 1934 - 1943.
Overall production: 37373. Very few
survived. If you know anything of this
truck today existance in any condition,
please let me know. Thanks.
6x4 2-ton GAZ-AA based 3-axle truck.
Engine: 50hp/2800rpm, 4-cyl. SV, 3285cc
Bore/Stroke: 98,43/107,95 mm
Length: 5335mm; width: 2040mm; height: 1970mm
Wheelbase: 3200 mm, 940mm between rear axles
Road clearance: 230 mm
69k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAA of Raivo Raju62k photo of BA-10 on pre-war parade in Leningrad59k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAAGearbox: (4 speed + 1 back) x 2-speed
auxilliary box
Weight: 2475 kg
Maximal speed: 65 km/h
Tyres: 6,50-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 60+40 Ltr.
(40 - in the tank over the firewall)
Fuel consumption: 25,0 L/100km
In late 1941 the model has got simplified wings, cabin with canvas doors and only one headlight. Bumper was only on
42k photo of late GAZ-AAA46k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAA23k photo of pre-war GAZ-AAApre-1942 trucks. Later cabs had wooden doors.

Photos are from:
"Za rulyom" magazine, USSR.
Archive of Denis Orlov, automobile journalist and historian, Moscow.
Reinhard Frank, "Lastkraftwagen Der Wehrmacht", PODZUN-PALLAS, 1992.
Molotok.ru online auction, Russia.
GAZ album of Chris Pitman (Woombye, Queensland, Australia)
Eesti Antiikautode Galerii (in Estonian) - Estonian Antique Automobiles Gallery by Rain Vaikla.
28k photo of GAZ-AAA, Caucasus(This GAZ-AAA on color photo has been restored by Raivo Raju, member of "Levatek", L-Eesti Vanatehnika Klubi (E-mail), South Estonian Oldtimer Club.
Archive of Yuri Ivanovich Koryakin, who participated in WW2 with his Studebaker SCR radiostation with engine in trailer, photo courtesy of Artem V. Drabkin, visit his site Memoirs of Great Patriotic War veterans.
eBay Deutschland.
Thanks for help to Paul Seabury, England.
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