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40k image of JaAZ-210 cargo

Years of production: 1951 - 1958
Overall production: ?
6x4 12-ton cargo truck (10-ton load for offroad conditions), 3-seater cab
Engine: JaAZ-206 Diesel 165hp/2000rpm, 6-cyl 2-stroke, 6927cc (dry weight - 1060kg)
50k image of JaAZ-206 Diesel motor, leftLength: 9660mm, width: 2650mm, height: 2575mm (on the cab)
Wooden cab with openable windscreens
Cargo platform - metal with wooden boards, rear- and side boards are openable
Platform inner dimensions: length - 5770mm, width - 2450mm, board height - 600mm
Wheelbase: 5750mm (from front axle to the middle between rear axles), rear bogie wheelbase - 1400mm
Clearances of both axles: 290mm
Front wheel track: 1950mm; toe-in: 3-5mm (by nave); camber: 1o; caster: - 2o30'
Rear track: 1920mm (between middles of twin wheels)
48k image of JaAZ-206 Diesel motor, rightTurning radius: 12,5m on front outer wheel track
Bore/Stroke: 108/127 mm
Pistons material: ?
Compression ratio: 16 : 1
Air filter: 3 parallel of net-type, moisturized by oil (with oil bath)
2 batteries 6-STE-180: 12V, capacity - 2x180 A*h
Generator type and power: GT-500, 12V, 500 W
Starter: 24V; 7,5hp Cylinder firing order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Clutch: dry single plate
Clutch pedal clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: 5 speeds (with 2 synchronizers of II, III, IV and V gears)
Ratios: I - 6,17, II - 3,40, III - 1,79, IV - 1,00, V - 0,78, rear - 6,69
Distribution box: 2 gears with differential lock
Ratios: high - 1,07, low - 2,13
Differential ratio: 8,21, twin, - pair of bevel- and pair of cylinder gears
Front suspension: 2 longitudinal semielliptical leaf springs
Rear suspension: 2 twin longitudinal semielliptical leaf springs with additional leaf springs
Pneumatical all-wheels shoe brakes, brake trace for 30 km/h - 13m
Weight: 11300kg (gross weight - 23510kg)
Maximal speed: 55 km/h
Tyres: 12,00-20 inches
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): front - 5,0, rear - 5,5
Fuel tank capacity: 2 tanks, 225 L every
Fuel consumption (highway, under whole load): 60 L/100km
Cooling system capacity: 57 L (with plate radiator), 35 L (with tube radiator)
Oil carters capacity: engine - 24 L; gearbox - 4,5 L; distribution box - 13 L, differentials - 27 (13,5 x 2) L, steering bath - 2 L, dampers - 2 x 0,55 L, front naves - 2 x 2 L, rear naves - 4 x 3 L.
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