Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles of pre-1932 makes, USA.

Abell, 1901, steam motor bicycle by Robin Abell
Ace, 1920-1927
Advance, 1902?
AMC, 1912-1915, Allied Motors Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, 70k photo of 1913 AMC Model 37C
America, see The America
American, 1899-?, The Automobile Co. of America, ? settlement, Maine, 64k photo from The Horseless Age, IV 1899
American Cycle Mfg. Co., 1902-1907, see Pope
American, 1903, Rahway, New Jersey
American, 1907-1911, Denver, Colorado
American, ?-1909-1914, American Motor Cycle Co., Chicago, Illinois, 36k photo of 1912 Roadster and Tourist models
American, 1921, 2-cyl. SV, ca. 352cc, Louisville, Kentucky, 41k photo
American Bicycle Co., 1901-1902, American Cycle Manufacturing Co.
American Peugeot, 1910, C.F.Fulmer, Plainfield, New Jersey, 84k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, IV 1910
American X, 1910-1930, Chicago, Illinois
Anthony, 1903, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Apache, 1907-1911, Brown and Beck Co., Denver, Colorado, 95k photo of 1908 Apache 1-cyl. 316cc
Armac, 1902-1913, Armac Motor Co., St. Paul, Minnesota (1902-1905), Chicago, Illinois (1906-1913), 72k photo
Arrow, 1909-1916, Arrow Motor Co., Chicago, Illinois, 108k photo of 1913 Arrow
Atco, 1912, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Aurora, 1912
Austin, 1868, steam powered, Winthrop, Massachusetts
Auto-Bi (Auto-Tri), 1900-1912, The Auto-Bi Co., Buffalo, New York, 89k 1908 poster
Autobike, 1915-1916, Chicago, Illinois
Auto Car, 1899-1904, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Autocycle, 1907, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Autocyclette, 1921-1924, Autocyclette Mfg. and Sales Corp., Manhattan, New York, 149k photo of 1921 Autocyclette
Autoette, 1911, Detroit, Michigan
Autoped, 1915-1921, New York, New York, 55k photo of 1920 Autoped D
Badger, 1919-1921, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bailey-Flyer, 1913-1917, Chicago, Illinois, 66k photo of 1912 prototype from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, VII 1912
Banker, 1903?
Barber Special, 1900, Brooklyn, New York
Baysdorfer Dumbleton, 1903, Omaha, Nebraska
Bean, 1903, Boston, Massachusetts
Beard and Abel, 1903, Boston, Massachusetts
Bi-Auto-Go, VI 1912 - V 1913, V8-motor, 1 built by James Scripps Booth, Detroit, Michigan, 180k photo from Montrealex Livejournal
Bi-Car, 1911, Detroit, Michigan
Black Diamond, 1903-1905, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 46k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, XII 1903
Black Hawk, 1911-1913, Rock Island, Illinois, 16k photo of 1913 Black Howk
Blue Bird, ?-1906-1909, Harry R, Geer Co., St. Louis, Missouri, 58k 1907 poster
Boland, 1903, Rahway, New Jersey
Bowman, 1905, New York, New York
Bradford, 1907, Bradford, Pennsylvania
Bradley, 1903-1912, 62k photo of Bradley 3HP from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, IV 1907
Breed, 1912, Bay City, Michigan
Briggs & Stratton, 1919-1924, Briggs & Stratton Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Buckeye, 1905, Columbus, Ohio
California, 1901-1903, San Francisco, California, 84k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, V 1903
California, 1906-1908, Camden, New Jersey
Camden, 1906-1908, Camden, New Jersey
Canda, ?-1903-?, Geo W. Condon, Newark, New Jersey, 46k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, III 1903
Century, 1916-1917, Chicago, Illinois
Champion, 1911-1914, St. Louis, Missouri, 81k photo of 1914 Champion
Chicago 400, 1904-1905, Chicago, Illinois
Clark, 1903, Torrington, Connecticut
Clemcut, 1905-1909, Hartford, Connecticut
Clement, 1903-1909, Hartford, Connecticut, 37k 1903 poster
Cleveland, 1902-1907, Hartford, Connecticut, part of Pope empire, clone of Columbia
Cleveland, 1915-1929, Cleveland, Ohio, 6k photo of 1928 Cleveland
Clinton-Tower, 1895, Cleveland, Ohio
Coleman, ?-1903-?, H.P. Coleman, Boston, Massachusetts, 34k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, III 1903
Columbia, 1902-1907, Hartford, Connecticut
Comet, 1909-1911, Elwood, Illinois, (? 1 built in 1909 and advertised in 1911?), 11k 1911 poster
Copeland Steam, 1884-1892, Phoenix, Arizona
Crawford, 1906, Hartford, Connecticut
Crawford, 1913-1914, Morgantown, West Virginia, 57k 1913 poster
Crescent, 1902-1905, Hartford, Connecticut
Crouch, 1904-1909, Stoneham, Massachusetts, 163k poster of 1908 Crouch Model A
Crown, 1910, La Porte, Indiana, 30k 1910 poster
Culp, 1903, Columbus, Ohio
Curtiss, 1905-1911, Hammondsport, New York
C.V.S., 1909-1917, C.V.Stahl Motor Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 86k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, IX 1909
Cyclemobile, 1917, Toledo, Ohio
Cyclemotor, 1915-1917, Cyclemotor Corporation, Rochester, New York
Cyclone, 1912-1917, St. Paul, Minnesota
Davis (Dayton), 1911-1918, Dayton, Ohio
DayLake, 1903, View, New York
Dayton (Davis), 1911-1918, Dayton, Ohio, 36k 1915 poster
Delaware, 1908-1909, Delaware, Ohio, 89k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, III 1909
Delong, 1902, Phoenix, New York
De Luxe, 1910-1911, De Luxe Motor Car Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 337k photo, VIII 1910, 40k photo, III 1911, both from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal
De Luxe, 1912-1915, Excelsior Cycle Co., Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, 1910-1911, Detroit, Michigan, 31k photo of 1911 Detroit 4 H.P.
Detroit Bi-Car, 1913, Detroit, Michigan
Dorsey, ca. 1902, parallel 2-cyl. bicycle motor, F.F.Dorsey, Winchester, Massachusetts
Driver, 1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Duck, 1903-1906, Stockton, California
Duesenberg, 1903, Garner, Iowa
Dukelow, 1913, Chicago, Illinois
Dyke, 1903-1906, St. Louis, Missouri
Eagle, 1909-1911, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Eagle, 1911, St. Louis, Missouri
Eagle, 1912 / 1913-1915, 1917, 1919-1920, Chicago, Illinois / Brockton, Massachusetts
Economy, 1908, Detroit, Michigan
Electra, 1911-1912, Storage Battery Power Co., Chicago, Illinois, 80k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, IX 1911
Elk, 1911, Elkhart, Indiana
Emblem, 1907-1924, Emblem Manufactoring Co., Angola, New York, 79k photo of 1917 Emblem 106 Little Giant
Erie, 1906-1909, Buffalo (1906), Hammondsport (1906-1909), New York
Evans, 1917-1926, Cyclemotor Corporation (1917-1924), G.R.S. Products, Inc. (1924-1926), Rochester (1917-1926), Albany (1924-1926), New York, 52k 1923 poster
Excelsior, 1907-1925, Chicago, Illinois, 30k photo of 1919 Excelsior, since 1925 - Super-X
Feilbach Limited (see Limited), 34k 1913 poster
Flanders, 1910-1914, Detroit, Michigan, 19k photo of 1910 Flanders 4 H.P.
Fleming, 1901, Fleming Motor Vehicle Co., New York, New York
Flying Merkel - some racing models of The Flying Merkel
F&M (see Freyer & Miller)
Fowler Four, 1924, Cleveland, Ohio
Fowler-Manson-Sherman, 1905, Chicago, Illinois
Francke-Johannsmeyer, 1905, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Franklin, 1899-1900, Mount Vernon, Washington
Freyer & Miller (F&M), 1901-1907, Columbus, Ohio
Geer, 1903-1909, Harry R, Geer Co., St. Louis, Missouri, 51k 1906 poster
Geneva, 1896, Geneva Bicycle and Steam Carriage Co., Geneva, Ohio
Gere, 1902?, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Gerhart, 1912-1916, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gibson, ?-1903-?, Cecil E. Gibson, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, II 1903
Gibson Mon-Auto, 1915-1917, Gibson Mon-Auto Co., New York, New York
Green Egg, ?-1906-1909, Harry R, Geer Co., St. Louis, Missouri, 60k 1906 poster
Greyhound, 1907-1914, Aurora, Illinois
Greyhound, 1909-1914, Buffalo, New York, 57k 1911 poster
Greyhound, 1924, Reading, Pennsylvania, see Reading-Standard
Hafelfinger, 1900, Emil Hafelfinger, New Jersey musician, 180k poster
Hampden, 1901-1903, Springfield, Massachusetts
Harper, 1908, New York, New York
Hartford, 1907, Hartford, Connecticut
Hausmann (Hausman?), 1918, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Haverford, 1909-1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 31k 1912 poster
Hawtorne, 1911-1912, Chicago, Illinois, 370k photo of 1911 Hawthorne
Hemingway, 1905, Gleenwood, Illinois
Henderson, 1911-1931, 13k photo of 1930 Henderson Excelsior KJ, 21k photo, of 1926 Henderson 4
Hercules, 1902-1905, Hammondsport, New York
Herring, 1899, St. Joseph, Michigan
Herring-Curtiss, 1910, Hammondsport, New York
H & H, 1902-1903, San Diego, California
Hilaman, 1906-1912, Moorestown, New Jersey, 51k 1907 poster
Hoffman, 1903-1904, Chicago, Illinois, 61k 1904 poster
Holley Auto-Bike, ?-1900-1911, Holley Motor Co., Bradford, Pennsylvania, 379k photo of 1903 Holley
Horten Autoette, 1911, Detroit, Michigan
Hudson, 1910-1911, Middletown, Ohio
Imperial, 1902-1905, Hartford, Connecticut
Imperial, 1912, 68k 1912 poster. This is Marsh-Metz under Imperial trademark. Why? I don't know.
Industrial, 1903, Syracuse, New York
Iver Johnson, 1907-1916, Fitchberg, Massachusetts, 92k photo of 1914 Iver Johnson 7-8 H.P.
Jefferson, 1905-1914, Jefferson, Wisconsin, 14k 1911 poster
Joerns, 1910-1916, St. Paul, Minnesota
Johnson, 1917-1919-1922, motor wheel, Johnson Motor Wheel Co., Chicago, Illinois, South Bend, Indiana
Jonas, 1900?-1903?, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kaestner, 1903, Chicago, Illinois
Kane-Pennington, 1895, Racine, Wisconsin
Keating, 1901-1902, Middletown, Connecticut
Kenzler-Waverley, 1911-1914, Cambridge, Wisconsin
Keystone, 1902, A. Mecky, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kiefler, 1907 or 1908 - 1912-?, Buffalo, New York, 62k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, XI 1909
Kimball, 1902, H.L. Kimball, Lynn, Massachusetts
King and Quick, 1901
Kirkham, 1903, Bath, New York
Kokomo, 1909-1911, Kokomo, Indiana
Kulture, 1909, Rochester, New York
Lamson, 1902-1903, Abington, Massachusetts, 30k 1902 poster
Landgraf, 1906, Chicago, Illinois
Langford, 1917-1921, Denver, Colorado
Leader, 1906, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Leflem, 1902?
Leo, 1905, Oakland, California, 289k photo
Lewis, 1901, Brooklyn, New York
Liberty, 1912
Liberty, 1918, Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts
Light, 1903-1909, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Light, 1913, Marietta, Pennsylvania
Light Thor-Bred, 1904-1905, see Light
Limited, ?-1909-1915, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 35k 1913 poster
Lunford, 1916, Marble, North Carolina
Mack (engines only), 1905-1913, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Majestic, 1912-1913
Maltby, 1901-1903, Maltby Automobile and Motor Co., Brooklyn, New York
Mansen-Marsh, 1906, Brockton, Massachusetts
Manson, 1905-1909, Chicago, Illinois, 142k 1908 poster
Marathon, 1910-1912, Hartford, Connecticut, 60k 1910 poster
Marks, 1896-1902, San Francisco, California
Marsh, 1899-1906, Brockton, Massachusetts, 54k photo of 1905 Marsh
Marsh-Metz (M-M), 1906-1913, Brockton, Massachusetts, 123k photo of 1906 Marsh M-M
Marvel, 1910-1912, Marvel Motorcycle Co., Hammondsport, New York
Maxim, 1893, Hartford, Connecticut
Maxim, 1914
Mayo, ?-1903-1908, Mayo Damper Co., Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 32k photo of 1906 Mayo
M-B, 1912, Detroit, Michigan
M-B, 1916-1920, Buffalo, New York
McDonald, 1905, Chicago, Illinois
Meadowbrook, 1904-1905, Hempstead, New York, 22k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, XII 1904
Mears, 1903, Brooklyn, New York
Mecky, 1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Menns Van Horn, 1903, Boston, Massachusetts
Merkel, 1908-1909, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Merkel-Light, 1910, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Merkel Motor Wheel, 1916-1918, 1920-1924
Mesco, 1904-1905, Motor Bicycle Equipment & Supply Co., Buffalo, New York
Meteor, 1909-1910, Chicago, Illinois, 21k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, III 1909
Metz, 1901-1906, Waltham, Massachusetts, 53k 1906 poster
Miami Motor Bicycle, 1915-1916, Middletown, Ohio, 192k 1915 poster
Miami Power Bicycle, 1915, Middletown, Ohio, 67k 1915 poster
Michaelson, 1908-1915, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 44k 1913 poster
Michigan, 1902?
Michigan, 1911, Detroit, Michigan
Midget Bi-Car, 1908-1909, Lynbrook, New York, 79k photo from The Motorcycle Illustrated, 1 II 1909
Militaire, 1913-1922, Cleveland, Ohio / Buffalo, New York, 97k photo of 1916 Militaire
Militor, 1917-1922, Jersey City, New Jersey / Springfield, Massachusetts
Minneapolis, 1908-1914, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mitchell, 1901-1906, Racine, Wisconsin, 48k 1905 poster
M-M (see Marsh-Metz), 180k 1911 poster
Monarch, 1902-1905, Hartford, Connecticut
Monarch, 1912-1914(1915?), Ives Motorcycle Corporation, Owego, New York
Mon-Auto, 1915-1917, New York, New York
Monnot, 1903, Canton, Ohio
Montgomery-Ward, 1911-1912, Chicago, Illinois
Moore, 1910, Cleveland, Ohio
Moore-Car, 1917, Indianapolis, Indiana
Morgan, 1901-1902, Morgan Motor Co., Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York
Morris and Cockhill, 1902-1903, motor racing bicycle
Morse-Beauregard, 1912-1917, Detroit, Michigan
Motopede, 1921, Rutherford, New Jersey
Moto-Racycle (see Racycle)
Motor Wheel, 1922, Springfield, Massachusetts
National, 1913-1915
Nelk, 1905-1912, Palo Alto, California
Ner-a-Car, 1920-1927, Syracuse, New York, 68k photo of 1926 Ner-A-Car B
New Era, 1909-1913, Dayton, Ohio, 154k 1911 poster
New London, 1896, New London, Ohio
Nioga, 1903, Whitney Point, New York
N.S.U., 1908-1911(-1912?), N.S.U. Motor Co., New York City, no production, distribution of German N.S.U., 22k poster (1910)
Nyberg, 1913, Chicago, Illinois
Oakes, 1916, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
OK, 1916, Brooklyn, New York
Orient, 1900-1906, Waltham, Massachusetts, 38k photo of 1903 Orient
Overman, 1900
Pam Autocyclette, 1921-1922, New York, New York
Pansy, 1905, Taberg, New York
Paramount, 1917-1918, Columbus, Ohio, 27k photo of 1918 Paramount
Parkin-Leflem, 1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Patee, 1901, Indianapolis, Indiana, 121k poster
Peerless, 1912-1916, Boston, Massachusetts, 94k 1913 poster
PEM, 1905-1915, Jefferson, Wisconsin
Pennington, 1894, Trenton, New Jersey
Phoenix, 1906-1908, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pierce, 1908-1914, Buffalo, New York
Pioneer, 1903, Jersey City, New Jersey
Pioneer, 1908-1910, Worchester, Massachusetts, 104k 1910 poster
Pirate, 1911-1915, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 30k 1914 poster
Pope, 1911-1918, Hartford, Connecticut / Westfield, Massachusetts
Pratt, 1911-1912, Elkhart, Indiana, 17k photo
P.T., 1900, New York, New York
Racycle, 1905-1911, Middletown, Ohio
Rambler, 1902-1905, Hartford, Connecticut
Razoux, 1903, Boston, Massachusetts
Reading-Standard, 1903-1905, 1906-1924, Reading, Pennsylvania
Redman, 1902-1909
Regas, 1900-1901(-1903?), Regas Vehicle Co., Rochester, New York
Reliance, 1903-1911, Empire Motor Cycle Co./Reliance Motor Cycle Co., New York state
R&H, 1905, Brockton, Massachusetts
Riotte, 1895, New York, New York
Rollaway, 1919-1925, Toledo, Ohio, attachment motor for bicycle, 124k photo
Roper Steam Velocipede, 1869, Roxburg, Massachusetts, 42k image
Royal, 1901, New York, New York
Royal, 1901-1909, Worchester, Massachusetts, 199k 1907 poster
Royal Pioneer, 1909 (? - 15 II 1909 - XII 1909), Worchester, Massachusetts, 207k article
Ruggles, 1908-1909, Brooklyn, New York, 60k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, 1908
Salisbury, 1895, Chicago, Illinois
Schickel, 1910/1911-1918, 1920-1924, Schickel Motor Co., Stamford, Connecticut, 90k photo of 1913 Schickel
Scout, 1911, Detroit, Michigan
S.D.M., 1910-1911, Brooklyn, New York, 54k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, 1910
Sears, 1909-1916, Chicago, Illinois
Seminole, 1915, motorbike
Shaw, 1903-1923-?, Galesburg, Kansas, 169k photo of 1912 Shaw
Simplex, 1906-1907/1907-1910, Brooklyn/Manhattan, New York, 52k 1907 poster
Sinclair Militor, 1922, Springfield, Massachusetts
S & J, 1902-1903, Sylvester and Jones, East Weymouth, Massachusetts, 37k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, 1903
Slattery, 1903, Brooklyn, New York
Smith Motor Wheel, 1914-1918 (1919), motor wheel for bicycles and cars, Smith Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Snell-California, 1904-1905, Toledo, Ohio
Spacke motors, 1911-1921, Indianapolis, Indiana
Spiral, 1895-1896, New York, New York
Stahl (CVS), 1902-1914, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Starlin, 1903, Tonanwanda, New York
Steam Flyer, 1912, steam motorcycle, 1 built by Niles Gillenwaters, Sacramento, California, 69k photo from OutsideLands.org
Stearns, 1901, 1 built? by Jimmy Michael for bicycle pace racing
Steffey, 1899-1912-?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 54k 1912 poster
Stormer, 1907, Hartford, Connecticut
Stratton, 1901, Stratton Motor Bicycle Co., Manhattan, New York, 70k 1901 poster
Suddard, 1904-1905, Providence, Rod Island, 39k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, X 1904
Super-X (ex-Excelsior), 1925-1931, Chicago, Illinois
Sycamore, 1903?
Sylvester & Jones, 1902-1903, Weymouth, Massachusetts, 139k photo of 1902 Sylvester & Jones from Vintage Bike
The America, 1904-1906, Great Western Mfg. Co., La Porte, Indiana, 56k photo
The Bradley, see Bradley
The Chainless, 1910-1911
The Flying Merkel, 1911-1917, Pottstown, Pennsylvania / Middletown, Ohio
The Merkel, 1902-1908, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Thoroughbred, XI 1905 - IV 1906, see Reading-Standard
The Yankee, 1903-1908
Thiem, 1900-1914, St. Paul, Minnesota, 50k photo of 1912 Thiem
Thomas Auto-Bi, 1900-1908, Buffalo, New York, 41k 1907 poster
Thompson, 1909, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
Thor, 1903-1920, Illinois
Thor-Bred, see Light Thor-Bred
Tiger Autobike, 1915-1916, Autobike Company, Chicago, Illinois, 30k photo
Tiger Special, 1906-1909, New York, New York
Tinkham, 1898-1899, New Haven, Connecticut
Torpedo, 1906-1910, The Hornecker Motor Manufacturing Co., Whiting, Indiana / Geneseo, Illinois
Tourist, ?-1903-1907, Newark, New Jersey, 59k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, IX 1903
Traub, 1916
Tribune, 1902-1907, Hartford, Connecticut, part of Pope empire, clone of Columbia
Trimoto, 1900, Hartford, Connecticut
Triumph, 1907-1913, Chicago, Illinois (1907-1912) / Detroit, Michigan (1912-1913), 51k 1907 poster
Twombly, 1895, Portland, Maine
Underslung Militaire, 1912, Cleveland, Ohio, 73k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, III 1912
Victor, 1911, Cleveland, Ohio
Wagner, 1901-1912, St. Paul, Minnesota, 24k 1912 poster
Wall Auto-Wheel, 1918, (Smith motor wheel for bicycles), Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Waltham, 1903, Waltham, Massachusetts
Warwick, 1903-1904, Springfield, Massachusetts
Wasson, 1903, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Waverley, 1905-1912, Jefferson, Wisconsin, 21k 1911 poster
Westfield, 1916-1918, Westfield, Massachusetts
Westover, 1912-1913, Denver, Colorado
Whipple, 1903-1906, Chicago, Illinois, 55k photo from the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, XII 1903
Widmayer, 1907, New York, New York
Williams, 1911, 1913, 1915(2), 1917?-?, 4 built? by John Newton Williams, New York, New York
Williamson, 1902-1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Willis, 1903, New York, New York
Wilson, 1910, Wichita, Kansas
Wisconsin Wheel Works, 1903, Racine, Wisconsin
Wizard, ?-1921-?, if you can tell anything about this make, please let know to Warren (an owner of one from California, Missouri, USA) and to me.
Woods, 1914, Denver, Colorado
Woods-Meagher, 1896, Richmond, Virginia
Yale, 1902-1915, Toledo, Ohio, 123k photo of 1914 Yale
Yankee, 1922-1923, Chicago, Illinois

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