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1904-1905, Pope Mfg. Co., Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
1902-1903, American Cycle Mfg. Co., Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Offices: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco.

The Monarch make was a part of the Pope empire, famous bicycle producer since 1878. In 1902 Pope organized American Cycle Mfg. Co. specially for motor bicycle production. Production spectrum included seven trademarks: (Western Line) Rambler, Crescent, Monarch, Imperial; (Eastern Line) Columbia, Cleveland, Tribune. Two models were issued, 1-cyl. F-head 13/4hp Model A - clone of "Camel Back" Indian assembled from Aurora Automatic Machinery Co. units (Rambler, Crescent, Monarch, Imperial), and own motor 1-cyl. F-head 21/4hp Model B (Columbia, Cleveland, Tribune). Both models have been produced under multiple bicycle old trademarks well known by dealers and cyclists. These makes had minor differencies between them but their common special feature was characteristic shape ot the gasoline tank.


1902-1905 Model A: 1-cyl. F-head 13/4hp, 15.85 cu in (259.8cc), bore 219/32", stroke 3", battery ignition, 1-speed, 8...37 mph, $225 (1904), $210 (1905)
   Monarch, 71k 1903 or 1904 poster, technical data from 1904 bicycle catalogue, 56k.


Prices, 39k list from The Bicycling World magazine, 27 IV 1907.
Catalogue models, 313k photo.
Crescent, Monarch, Imperial, Ideal, 179k 26 XI 1904 poster of 1905 models.
Catalogue models, 212k photo.
Model 25 with Shaw assist motor, 80k, 86k photo, 64k photo.
1899 (Grösste Fahrradfabrik der Welt. Productionsfähigkeit pro Tag: 500 Fahrräder):
Poster, 174k photo.
1898 (Chicago, New York, London, Hamburg):
Poster, 59k photo.
1897 (Chicago, New York, London):
Poster, 91k photo.
Poster, 159k photo.

Photos and data are from:
Author's archive.
Standard Catalog of American Motorcycles 1898-1981 by Jerry Hatfield.
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Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, 1902, 1904.

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