Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Pre-1932 USA makes. Smith.
X 1914 - V 1919, A.O. Smith Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
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In 1914 A.O. Smith Company bought the United States manufacturing rights for Wall Autowheel from Mr. A.W. Wall, the R.O.C. Motor Works, Birmingham, England.
A.O. Smith Co. transferred the wheel to the left side, changed wire wheel to disc wheel, organized driving the wheel directly from the camshaft (ratio 1:8).
In 1917-1918 wooden Smith Flyer automobile was in production (some sold in 1919).

Motor wheels for bicycles, 4-stroke 1-cyl. AIV, 11/2hp, 9,97 cu.in. (163,3cc), bore 23/8", stroke 21/4", magneto ignition:
1919 no production. Remained Flyer 2-seaters offered in 1919 (price $145)
1918 model C (V-shaped attachment to the upper part of the fender)
  factory price $80 (2-seater Flyer - $145), motor numbers 20000...23000
  124k, 67k (1917 Colson bicycle with Smith Motor Wheel)
1916-1917 model BA (oil drain plug near glass oil sight gauge)
  factory price $70 (2-seater Flyer - $135 (1917 only)), motor numbers 7000...19000
  79k, 74k (1896 Optimat bicycle with Smith Motor Wheel)
1916 model B (glass oil sight gauge appeared)
  factory price $60, motor numbers 6000...6999
  26k, 17k
1915 model A (record "Smith Motor Wheel" appeared on flywheel)
  factory price $80, motor numbers 1000...5999
   156k, 68k, 68k (1917 Henderson Motobike bicycle (Schwinn & Co.) with Smith Motor Wheel)
1914 model A
  factory price - (perhaps not for sale yet in 1914), motor numbers - (not mentioned)
  Patent, 20 VIII 1914, 269k, 85k poster

American Junior car (?-1916-?) also used Smith Motor Wheel.

In May 1919 rights on Smith motor wheel have been bought by Briggs & Stratton Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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