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late 1940's - late 1980's, Kauno Autoremonto Gamykla (Kaunas automobile repair factory), Kaunas, Lithuania, USSR.

Just after WW2 - different buses repairing based on nationalized Ford repair workshop.
Some years later and to early 1950's - simplified version of L-1 (53k photo) bus on ZiS-150 base, short serial production time
early 1950's - the factory specializes on GAZ-51 trucks repair
soon - own design 19-passenger buses KAG-1 (101k photo) on GAZ-51 base, very similar to GZA-651, mass production
One more version of GAZ-51 based bus (50k photo)
mid-1950's - late 1980's - KAG-3 (chief-designer - V. Paulavičius) 23-passenger (+7 in the pass) bus on GAZ-51 base
?-? KAG-3 (1st series), 93k b/w photo
?-? KAG-3 (2nd series) and one more KAG-3 2nd series (on the very left, Viljandi, Estonia), 61k and 15k old b/w photos
?-? KAG-3 (3rd? series), now with windscreen from PAZ-652, turnlights under headlights, 56k old b/w photo
?-? KAG-3 (the last? series), turnlights over headlights, 35k old b/w photo
?-? KAG-3 (late issue), without "route windows" over windscreen (after repair?), 64k and 50k photo
?-? KAG-31, KAG-3 based panel van, mass production, 21k photo
?-? KAG-32, KAG-3 based bread van, mass production
?-? KAG-33, KAG-3 based workshop for road department, mass production, 73k photo
?-? KAG-34, KAG-3 based explosive works van / movable explosive materials store
?-? KAG-317, KAG-3 based people service workshop
1959 - KAG-4 (chief-designer - V. Pupejka) 24-passenger experimental suburban bus, 2 built
1959 or 1960 - KAG-41 - KAG-4 based panel van, 1 built
All KAG buses excluding KAG-4 and 41 had wooden carcass.
Overall production for the whole period - over 12.000 bus bodies, generally KAG-3 model. Overall amount of buses was lesser as every 3-4 years of exploitation buses returned to the factory for repair, and got new bodies on old chassis as repair of old body was non-profitable economically. Thus some buses changed 3-4 bodies.

Thanks a lot to Liucijus Suslavičius (Vilnius), automobile historian and author of numerous publications.
This page is based exclusively on materials of Liucijus.
Also thanks for photos and for help to Alexander Govorukha (Nikolaev, Ukraine) and to Maksim Shelepenkov.
One photo is from Viljandimaa Muuseum (Estonia).
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