Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. FIAT.
19?? - now, FIAT SpA, Torino, Italy.
(Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino).

FIAT 626, late 1930's-1944, 4x2 3-ton truck, 6-cyl. 70hp 5750cc
FIAT 665, 1942-1944, 4x2 5-ton truck, 6-cyl. 110hp 9365cc Diesel
FIAT SC727, 1942-1943 prototype, halftrack artillery tracktor, 6-cyl. 100hp 5750cc OHV
FIAT 1100 commercial, 1939-1948, see also FIAT 1100
FIAT 508C pickup, 1937-1939, 87k photo, see also FIAT 508C
FIAT 633, early 1930's-1938, 4x2 5-ton truck, 4-cyl. 80hp 6647cc petrol or 50hp 5570cc Diesel
FIAT 508 Balilla pickup, 1937, 8k photo, see also 1934-1937 FIAT 508 Balilla
FIAT 618, 1934-1937, 4x2 1-ton truck, 4-cyl. 43hp 1944cc
FIAT 518 Ardita pickup, 1934, 10k photo
FIAT 514 pickup, 1929-1932, 13k and 12k rear view
FIAT 621, 19??-19??, 6x4 3-ton truck, 4-cyl. 53hp 4580cc Diesel
Pre-1932 trucks:
FIAT-510, 64k photo
FIAT 18BL, 43k photo
FIAT ? model, 17k b/w photo
Photos are from:
Patrick Castelli from Padova, Italy.
Martin Krusche (Styria, Austria), look at his interesting homepage
Gebhard Flatz, Bregenz, Austria.
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", an "After the battle" publication, 1989,
Mobile.de, Germany.
T. Noorits, Estonia.
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Last updated 3 XI 2001.