Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. 1936 Studebaker-2T and 2W.

18k image of Studebaker 2W dumper w/deluxe cab37k image of Studebaker 2T233 Police by Browne & Browne of Utica, New York
Studebaker Standard Series 2T and 2W

Year of production: 1936
4x2 11/2-ton (Ace 2T2), 2-ton (Boss 2W6), 21/2-ton (Mogul 2W7) and 3-ton (Chief 2W8) truck
Overall production: ?
Engine: 75hp/?rpm, 6-cyl L-head, 217 cubic inches (Ace); 80hp/?rpm, 6-cyl L-head Waukesha, 263 cubic inches (Boss); 82hp/?rpm, 6-cyl L-head Waukesha, 282 cubic inches (Mogul); 110hp/?rpm, 6-cyl F-head Waukesha, 358 cubic inches (Chief),
Bore/Stroke: ?/?
62k image of Studebaker 2T2 dairy van w/deluxe cab32k image of Studebaker 2W657 fire engine by Peter Pirsch Co, KenoshaLength: ?mm, width: ?mm, height: ?mm
Wheelbases: Ace - 125 inches (2T225), 133 inches (2T233), 157 inches (2T257); Boss - 133 inches (2W633), 157 inches (2W657), 175 inches (2W675); Mogul - 141 inches (2W741), 165 inches (2W765), 183 inches (2W783); Chief - 141 inches (2W841), 165 inches (2W865), 183 inches (2W883)
Clearance: ?mm;
Gearbox: ?
Weight: ? kg
23k image of Studebaker 2T2 drop frame panel body by Montpelier Body Co, Ohio64k image of Studebaker 2T-233 Burges Battery vanMaximal speed: ? km/h
Tyres: 9.00-20 inches
Fuel capacity: ?
Fuel consumption: ? L/100km
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61k image of Studebaker 2W-865 1000 gallon tank w/deluxe cab63k image of Studebaker 2W tractor w/deluxe cabThis page contains materials from the "Turning Wheels" (XII 1994), Studebaker Driver's Club magazine (editor - Linda Fox), article by Fred K. Fox,
from archive of Gary Cameron (BO) (Topeka, Kansas, USA) - his images are of better quality,
and from the book by Asa E.Hall & Richard M. Langworth "The Studebaker Century".
Thanks to John Henne (Shelburne, NH, USA).11k image of Studebaker 2W tank w/conventional cab37k image of Studebaker 2W-865 tractor w/deluxe sleeper cab
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15k image of Studebaker 2W-675 w/deluxe cab31k image of Studebaker 2W-865 tractor w/deluxe cab
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