Oldtimer gallery. Cars. Walter.
1908-1937, Walter a spol., Praha-Jinonice, Czechoslovakia.

Since 1931 Walter built cars by F.I.A.T. license.
Walter Junior, 1934-1937?
Walter Junior SS, 1934-1935-?, 80k and 55k photo of 1935 Walter Junior SS
Walter Junior, 1932-1934, 19k and 22k photo of cabriolet
Walter Bijou, 1931-1932, 36k photo of 1931 Walter Bijou Normandie
Walter Princ, 1933-1937?
Walter Lord, 1934-1937?, 50k b/w photo and 74k drawing of 1934 limousines
Walter Regent, ?-1935-?, 12k photo of cabriolet by Sodomka
Walter Lord, 1932-1934, 53k photo of 1932 limousine
Walter Super, ?-1933-?, 72k drawing
Walter Junior S, 1933
Walter Standard, ?-1932-?, 64k drawing
Walter Royal, ?-1932-?, 12-cyl., 52k drawing
Walter ? model cabriolet by Sodomka, 7k photo
Some pre-1932 models:
Walter P IV, 1928, 60k b/w photo
Walter 6B, 1928, 57k b/w photo, the first 6-cyl. Walter
Walter WZ, 1920, 61k b/w photo of phaeton
Walter WZ, 1919, 56k b/w photo
Photos are from:
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia (all the drawings are by V. Zapadlik),
Autoclassic magazine, Hungary,
Emil Zasmeta, Plzen, Czech Rp.,
Oldtimer-Hicar, Brno, Czech Rp.,
Jörn Berckholtz, Germany,
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