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1901-1935, 1937, Sunbeam Motor Car Co. Ltd., Wolverhampton, Great Britain.

In 1935 Sunbeam and Talbot have been acquired by Rootes group. Since 1938 Sunbeam-Talbot cars appeared.
Sunbeam Exp 8, 1937, 8cyl-4500cc-150hp,
Sunbeam Speed 20, 1933-1935, 6cyl-2916cc-72hp, 23k b/w photo
Sunbeam Dawn, 1934-1935, 4cyl-1627cc-49hp, 41k b/w photo
Sunbeam 25, 1934-1935, 6cyl-3317cc-74hp
Sunbeam 20, 1934-1935, 6cyl-2194cc-?hp, 30k b/w photo
Sunbeam 20, 1935, 6cyl-2762cc-59hp
Sunbeam 16, 1927-1933, 6cyl-2035cc-44hp, sln: 20k b/w (1931), 31k, 27k (1933); dhc: 25k (1930); fhc by James Young: 24k (1929)
Sunbeam 25, 1927-1933, 6cyl-3617cc-72hp
Sunbeam 20, 1931-1933, 6cyl-3317cc-?hp
Pre-1932 models:
Sunbeam 20, 1927-1931, 6cyl-2916cc-55hp, 3k photo of tourer
Sunbeam 3-Litre, 1925-1931, 6cyl-2916cc-93hp, 66k photo (1925)
Sunbeam 16, 1931, 6cyl-2193cc-?hp
Sunbeam Silver Bullet of Kaye Don to attempt the World record of land speed, 1929, 32k old picture
Sunbeam Golden Arrow of major Henry Segrave beating the World record of land speed at 203 m.p.h. at Daytona (Florida, USA) on 29 III 1927, 9k photo
Sunbeam 14/40, 1924, 20k photo of tourer
Sunbeam 24/60 model, 1923, 30k photo of open tourer by Brewster (USA)
Sunbeam 16, 1921, 19k photo of 2-seat tourer with dickey seat
Sunbeam 24, 1921, 25k photo of 4-5-seat tourer
Sunbeam, 1919 poster, 14k photo
Sunbeam 12/16, 1912, 20k b/w photo of tourer
Sunbeam 3-Litre "Coupe de l'Auto", 1912, 25k photo
Sunbeam ? model, 1912, 40k and 43k photo
Sunbeam 12/16, 1910, 15k photo
Sunbeam 12/14, 1905, 4k photo of tourer
What else in the net:
The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register (in English).

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