Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Sunbeam. (only pre-1945 here)
1912-1957, Sunbeam Cycles Ltd., Wolverhampton (& Birmingham?), England.
Sunbeam B28, ?-1939-?, 1-cyl. 600cc OHV, 29k photo
Sunbeam Lion, ?-1939-?, 1-cyl. 600cc, 53k and 57k photo, owner - Hans-Jöerg Jäger
Sunbeam Lion, ?-1938-?, 50k photo
Sunbeam Lion, 1931, 1-cyl. 492cc SV, 30k photo
Sunbeam M8, 1930, 1-cyl. 350cc OHV, 39k photo
Sunbeam Model 9, 1929, 1-cyl. 500cc OHV, 25k and 16k photo
Sunbeam 493cc OHV, 1929, 1-cyl. 493cc OHV, 39k b/w photo
Sunbeam Model 90 racer, 1928, 1-cyl. 500cc OHV, 24k and 23k photo
Sunbeam Model 5, 1927, 1-cyl. 500cc SV, 23k photo
Sunbeam Model 1, 1926, 1-cyl. 350cc SV, 28k photo
Sunbeam Model 7, 1923, 1-cyl. 500cc, 18k b/w photo
Some post-1945:
Sunbeam S7, 1949, 99k photo courtesy of Hans-Jörg Knitsch, owner of this S7 (Germany)
Photos are from:
Yesterdays Antique Motorcycles
Thumper photo album
Motorrad Markt magazine, Germany
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